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We are gone........Doomed I tell ya.

Started Today at 08:12:15 by Wayne
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13 200 Last Post Today at 14:48:19
By: ConservativeOne
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White House readies paperwork for Joe Arpaio pardon

Started Today at 13:14:46 by countzero
3 45 Last Post Today at 14:36:26
By: muffin
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Obamacare architect fired by Vermont

Started Today at 00:33:37 by Lily003
4 72 Last Post Today at 14:28:06
By: USMC1967
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Where is everybody?

Started Today at 12:16:57 by Kybeagle
2 50 Last Post Today at 14:07:21
By: Wayne
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ESPN pulls announcer Robert Lee from UVA game

Started yesterday at 20:57:11 by countzero
1 61 Last Post Today at 13:20:16
By: bigmck
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Picture of the day!!!!!

Started 11/28/16 at 08:52:58 by Wayne
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811 36,014 Last Post Today at 12:02:27
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Bodybuilder dies choaking on food......

Started Today at 10:15:28 by muffin
1 48 Last Post Today at 11:20:20
By: cj_real_american
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Re: Time to remove Lincoln Memorial.

Started 08/20/17 at 16:21:33 by ScottT
8 230 Last Post Today at 10:45:25
By: Wayne
Normal Topic
TRUMPs Speech Last Night

Started Today at 08:30:19 by pitchshot
6 119 Last Post Today at 10:22:06
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Medieval Warm Period was warmer than today: New Study

Started yesterday at 18:51:01 by Naturalized-Texan
7 105 Last Post Today at 09:58:36
By: Naturalized-Texan
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Anti-Confederates now angry at Southern Cal's HORSE

Started yesterday at 20:41:48 by KevinWhiteman
3 73 Last Post Today at 09:56:45
By: oldhickory60
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I think I'm troubled about Afghanistan

Started yesterday at 14:29:40 by Lily003
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16 307 Last Post Today at 08:43:07
By: Jose-Jimenez
Normal Topic
Fox news.. HEADLINES!

Started Today at 08:14:04 by Wayne
0 19 Last Post Today at 08:14:04
By: Wayne
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7 114 Last Post Today at 08:10:15
By: WAlt
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Are You Prejudice? I Am

Started yesterday at 11:59:54 by bigmck
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18 338 Last Post Today at 08:07:15
By: Wapitime
Normal Topic
Trump rally in Arizonia tonight

Started yesterday at 20:00:22 by CF Admin
8 130 Last Post Today at 08:06:46
By: WAlt
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Repost: What do you think of Paul Ryan?

Started yesterday at 18:39:29 by CF Admin
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21 310 Last Post Today at 08:00:52
By: Wapitime
Normal Topic
WH has a pertition to declare Antifa as Terrorist Org

Started Today at 07:48:44 by nicky43
1 17 Last Post Today at 07:58:51
By: Wapitime
Normal Topic

Started yesterday at 20:33:28 by oldcoot
7 97 Last Post Today at 07:40:40
By: Wayne
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Mitch McConnell says most news "is not fake"

Started 08/21/17 at 21:24:05 by countzero
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11 215 Last Post Today at 07:16:57
Normal Topic
Navy Ships Hacked?

Started yesterday at 07:46:36 by muffin
9 147 Last Post Yesterday at 21:44:12
Normal Topic
5 122 Last Post Yesterday at 20:10:10
By: USMC1967
Normal Topic
Democrats played the Russia scare card and the race card

Started yesterday at 19:37:23 by CF Admin
0 54 Last Post Yesterday at 19:37:23
By: CF Admin
Normal Topic
The new face of the Democratic Party

Started 08/21/17 at 11:04:16 by KCMO
9 193 Last Post Yesterday at 19:21:49
By: Naturalized-Texan
Normal Topic
Speaking of Paul Ryan

Started yesterday at 12:47:46 by dumpapolitician
9 135 Last Post Yesterday at 18:43:48
By: USMC1967
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Arizona braces for Trump rally......

Started yesterday at 10:38:16 by muffin
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15 243 Last Post Yesterday at 18:11:44
By: countzero
Normal Topic
Christopher Columbus monument vandalized in Baltimore

Started 08/21/17 at 13:52:49 by countzero
9 138 Last Post Yesterday at 17:37:11
By: killermccoy
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President to address the Nation tonight on Afghanistan...

Started 08/21/17 at 11:58:31 by muffin
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16 420 Last Post Yesterday at 17:36:55
By: Viet Vet
Normal Topic
How our Productive Gov't Works

Started yesterday at 13:26:12 by pitchshot
3 68 Last Post Yesterday at 16:18:57
By: Gabriele
Normal Topic
Just an observation ....

Started yesterday at 14:51:09 by NCGAL63
1 50 Last Post Yesterday at 15:40:07
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