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Corruption, Russian Connection

Started 06/16/19 at 09:03:38 by 17Oaks
0 99 Last Post 06/16/19 at 09:03:38
By: 17Oaks
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Malcontents Come Out of the Woodwork on Sanders Resignation

Started 06/14/19 at 19:53:18 by oldcoot
0 152 Last Post 06/14/19 at 19:53:18
By: oldcoot
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Obama Ordered ICE Records Destroyed

Started 06/13/19 at 20:59:04 by oldcoot
0 188 Last Post 06/13/19 at 20:59:04
By: oldcoot
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Oscar winning serial groper....

Started 06/12/19 at 19:26:48 by muffin
0 263 Last Post 06/12/19 at 19:26:48
By: muffin
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Sen. Graham has a border bill

Started 06/11/19 at 13:19:34 by Lily003
0 292 Last Post 06/11/19 at 13:19:34
By: Lily003
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Freedom and $$$ Tom Steyer

Started 06/11/19 at 10:50:40 by 17Oaks
0 285 Last Post 06/11/19 at 10:50:40
By: 17Oaks
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National Parks Dumping "Glacier" Signs

Started 06/10/19 at 13:37:13 by oldcoot
0 315 Last Post 06/10/19 at 13:37:13
By: oldcoot
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Chinese Exporters Dodge US Tariffs With Fake 'Made In Vietnam' Tags

Started 06/10/19 at 07:51:38 by cloudslicer
0 313 Last Post 06/10/19 at 07:51:38
By: cloudslicer
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U.S. Commander Weighs an Expanded Mideast Force to Counter Iran

Started 06/10/19 at 07:01:54 by ConservativeOne
0 283 Last Post 06/10/19 at 07:01:54
By: ConservativeOne
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0 260 Last Post 06/10/19 at 00:52:05
By: KevinWhiteman
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Sometimes We Need to be Reminded

Started 06/09/19 at 21:47:11 by oldcoot
0 266 Last Post 06/09/19 at 21:47:11
By: oldcoot
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YouTube Gone from Me

Started 06/07/19 at 15:17:05 by dustymars
0 279 Last Post 06/07/19 at 15:17:05
By: dustymars
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Anger at Palestinian ministers' secret 67% pay rises

Started 06/07/19 at 12:05:32 by Nyte_Byrd
0 201 Last Post 06/07/19 at 12:05:32
By: Nyte_Byrd
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0 250 Last Post 06/06/19 at 22:50:29
By: KevinWhiteman
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More democrat Hypocrisy for votes

Started 06/06/19 at 17:30:21 by Giles Johnson
0 235 Last Post 06/06/19 at 17:30:21
By: Giles Johnson
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I think I found our true enemies in the Congress

Started 06/06/19 at 14:49:00 by Giles Johnson
0 258 Last Post 06/06/19 at 14:49:00
By: Giles Johnson
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New York Times drafts 'articles of impeachment' against Trump

Started 06/06/19 at 14:05:13 by Nyte_Byrd
0 213 Last Post 06/06/19 at 14:05:13
By: Nyte_Byrd
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Reagan's D-Day Speech on 40th Anniversary

Started 06/06/19 at 10:08:46 by Naturalized-Texan
0 224 Last Post 06/06/19 at 10:08:46
By: Naturalized-Texan
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Moved: 'Our FLOTUS'
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Moved: 'Mass shooting in Australia....'
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Robert Mueller is a Sleazy, Shameful, Partisan Hack

Started 05/30/19 at 16:11:25 by CF Admin
0 266 Last Post 05/30/19 at 16:11:25
By: CF Admin
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Moved: 'Private organization starts building border wall.....'
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Noah's Ark owner sues for rain damage.....

Started 05/25/19 at 15:50:05 by muffin
0 291 Last Post 05/25/19 at 15:50:05
By: muffin
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Hey, What Kind of Judges Is Trump Nominating?

Started 05/24/19 at 22:27:19 by ZeWazir
0 267 Last Post 05/24/19 at 22:27:19
By: ZeWazir
Normal Topic

Started 05/23/19 at 06:52:36 by Wayne
0 208 Last Post 05/23/19 at 06:52:36
By: Wayne
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Republican preacher runs shocking blog about Buttigieg

Started 05/21/19 at 13:59:37 by muffin
0 273 Last Post 05/21/19 at 13:59:37
By: muffin
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Rotting trash piling up in some parts of L.A.

Started 05/21/19 at 13:52:23 by Lily003
0 243 Last Post 05/21/19 at 13:52:23
By: Lily003
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Moved: 'Problems for Charles de Gaulle!'
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Critics blast 'P is for Palestine' children's book as anti-Semitic

Started 05/18/19 at 08:52:48 by Nyte_Byrd
0 260 Last Post 05/18/19 at 08:52:48
By: Nyte_Byrd
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