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A Speech of Mine...
10/19/08 at 16:38:59
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As an American...

I feel the responsibility.....

To stop saving violent murderers while killing unborn children

To stop protecting illegal aliens at the cost of our citizens

To stop working against the men and women of our service by denouncing their cause

To stop the efforts of those whom wish to see America forget its dream and efforts to deny those who believe in that dream that sparks inspiration in the hearts and minds of Americans and those who wish to become Americans. The dream that by working hard one can accomplish in a country of opportunity

To stop creating new ways to celebrate mediocrity and reward those who are truly exceptional

To stop laws that claim to create equality by putting minorities first and establish a precedent that minorities need help in order to achieve and portrays them as a second class

To stop seeing people as Black and White, but instead as Red,White, and Blue

To follow the words of Ward Connerly "Affirmative action is an antiquated system that, rather than helping minorities, reinforces the perception they are second-class citizens who need help to succeed" and understand that by taking measures to create equality the government has created racial divides

To become self-dependant on energy to further our nation and better the lives of all Americans

To defend what America stands for at any cost

To fly the flag of my homeland, the vary flag that is now under attack as the ideas and values it flies in honor of are under attack

To raise the flag in protest to tyrants and dictators alike who each night sleep in fright hoping not to see the flag of my country on their horizons

To ignore false claims of demise and point out undeniable truths to all who fall victim to politicians whom use speculation and myths to scare voters into casting their ballot in the name of unrealistic policies and fantasy

And last, and most importantly of all, to each day wake in the greatest country on earth thankful and proud to be an American

I love the freedom that comes with being an American and will do what it takes to ensure the American dream doesn't die and the flag still flies for freedom and the blood red colors that make up half of it's stripes are regarded as honorable sacrifice from the men and women of the service that fight so those around us can claim they fight for nothing

When politicians ask you to change the values our country is founded on I feel they ask to destroy the ideals of our way of life

I feel they ask to much

And to their request I have this response

The American flag flies for what you claim is unfit, but a different flag can be sewn

The men and women of the service fight for the very principles in question, but they and there work can be forgotten

The history of America is founded on those pillars threatened, but books can be rewritten

The things you want to change are the bricks that make up a foundation which raises our country above all others, but America can fall

So you can change the law, you can change the flag, you can change the military, you can change the text books, you can change the bricks that keep this country great, but what you can never change is the hearts and minds of the American people who wake up every morning and know we have got it better than anyone else and wouldn't want to change a single thing

So I've heard enough about change

And I'm fed up with change

I know I'm not alone when I say lets stop trying to change what is already great

Lets make only one change

Lets make America America once more and never change it again

And if you think America isn't good enough

Travel the world and find a better place

I'll still be here when you find out the truth

And I'll have a question for you when you get back

Do you still want to change?

Remember this when the future of this country is being in part decided by your vote

Because if America seems to no longer be America

It's because you helped change it
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