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The cycle of the seasons.
04/07/09 at 00:54:03
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OK I am going to give this a shot. This is my first time just writing about something inspirational so, please let me know if it is any good.

Well after about a week of warm weather. Today it was cold, in fact more what Colorado winter is supposed to be like. Not that I did not like the warm weather. It was nice to have a T shirt on and to feel the warmth of the sun on the arms. But it will soon be summer and hot. And we will think back to the crisp cool weather of the seasons we left behind. Soon to come again the cycle of changes we call the seasons. The funny thing about summer, spring, winter and fall is even though they always come at the same time every year generation after generation. Once they are gone they never come back again. The names stay the same but the times and memories in them don't. And if you look back or recall about the clips of our youth, the clips that make up the movie that we call memories and our intellect the editor. You remember about the things you did in the cycle of seasons. Maybe that something that you did with your love one some beautiful summer night. Or the first time your parent took you hunting. And you were sitting there shivering with anticipation with that crisp chilly fall air touching your face. Or what ever your precious memories are. The cycle that we call the seasons help us dig up or rebuild those memories that we hold dear.
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Re: The cycle of the seasons.
Reply #1 - 06/21/09 at 11:37:24
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HEY YOUNG CONSERVATIVE:  I've been writing for almost 50 years, have one published book and two more manuscripts ready.  I started just like you--putting down my thoughts, hopefully in a reasonably organized way.  Just keep writing, keep learning, and take some writing classes or participate in a local (if any) writers workshop.  I leaned a lot from a group like that.  Keep reading the posters here on CF, and also on WorldNetDaily.  So keep sharing your thoughts with us.  Don't let your "age" discourage you--we were all young once (I think).  Ha Ha!! Wink

"Stoop, angels, thither from the skies!  There is no holier ground Than where defeated valor lies." (Henry Timrod)
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