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United States Of America
09/11/09 at 11:52:52
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United we stand against all that try to use their power to intimidate, control, enslave or eliminate any persons who seek Peace and Freedom, but do not possess the strength to do so on their own.

Never will we as a nation allow those who commit these acts to go unpunished no matter whos name they may use to justify their actions, for we know God and we know his truth.

Indivisible we stand to meet these enemies head on, for though we may be different in our race, color and creed, we are the same in our hearts and in the belief that everyone has the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Together we shall overcome those who seek to destroy us, though they try ever so desperately to break the foundation that we have built our great nation on, for we have used the blood of those who have fallen to build a foundation that is indestructible.

Eager are we as a united nation, to pursue and punish any who are foolish or brash enough to attack our nation for we will not stand by and watch as our fellow brethren reach out for our hand in a time of need.

Defiantly we will reach our hand out and pull our fallen brothers and sisters to their feet to stand next to us proud and tall, for we understand that to be a great nation we must stand together as one.

Steadfast we are in our belief and love for our country that for so many years has embraced our parents our grandparents and our great grandparents and, God willing, will continue to embrace our children our grandchildren and our great grandchildren.

Travelers you are always welcome. When you are cold we will share our fire. When you are wet we will share our shelter. When you are hungry we will share our food and when you are tired we will watch over you as you sleep.

Always we have believed that all men are created equal and that all men shall be treated as equals for we are a fair and gentle nation, and that shall not change.

Trespassers beware. For though we are a gentle nation we are a just nation and will not tolerate evil acts perpetrated against this great nation or its people. For we protect all within our borders regardless of race, color or creed.

Ever diligent are we to defend that which is ours, and all that lies within our nations borders we consider ours including all who have left your tyranny in search of Freedom, and a better life.

Stir not the sleeping giant we call America for she is peaceful in her slumber, but when awakened her wrath is second only to that of God all mighty Himself who watches over this sleeping giant.


America is a strong nation and a nation that will remain strong long after those who wish to tear it down are on this earth no more, for America is held up high on the shoulders of a strong people.

Men, women and children of all races connected by one common bond, the belief that there is only one way to truly live and that is under the flag of freedom.

Envious of no other nation we stand proud, our heads held high. Our eyes seek the horizon, and our hearts remember the past.

Righteous we are in our beliefs of our nation. We are willing to give our lives to defend all that she stands for, we need not be asked for we know our duty to our country.

Intolerable to any who would try to intimidate us, control us or destroy us. We will seek retribution for all those you have harmed those we call our brothers. For we believe that every life is precious.

Christ our savior, watches over our great nation. He protects our families, sees us safely through our day and watches over us as we sleep. He loves our nation and he knows we love him.

America, Her stars and stripes shall wave forever. Though I may leave her wonderful embrace tomorrow I would do so knowing that I was given the privilege of being a part of a great and glorious nation, and for that I thank God.

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Re: United States Of America
Reply #1 - 09/11/09 at 13:07:51
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Perfect. Thanks for posting that.
How did we ever allow a non-citizen constitutional traitor into the White House?
I'm sure by now you've heard his desecration speech on 9.11
Pure treason.

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Re: United States Of America
Reply #2 - 05/07/10 at 06:51:26
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Have you guys ever thought that his coming was a blessing instead of a curse. He has done more to galvanize and consolidate those one the middle and the right, than any other person before him. He has brought people together, when we were separated, living in our own worlds, filled with our needs, wants and desires. We were a scattered people  drowning in this ocean of humanity. Now, we are associating with those, who we would never have met, if it were not for him. He has brought us to the brink of loosing the things we have taken for granted, for such a long time. He has reminded us that what we have is not a right, but a privilege. Nothing given is appreciated, but everything fought for has a value to it, that no one can place a price on.
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Re: United States Of America
Reply #3 - 07/25/10 at 18:16:11
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Thanks for posting, very inspirational.
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