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Who Does the Constitution Belong To?
09/30/10 at 21:29:32
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Who does the Constitution belong to?  It's odd, but I don't recall that question being discussed.  I think that everyone mentally slips over that question because the Constitution is the formation document of our nation, and everyone just lets it go at that.  But the Constitution can't be regarded as a mere scrap of paper pertaining to an abstract legal entity.  That's because the Constitution not only establishes the federal government of the Untied States of America, but it also recites and confirms the rights and obligations of its citizens. You and me.

Every American citizen is either born with or conferred the guarantees and confirmation of rights set forth in our Constitution.  The Constitution itself serves as our receipt and proof of ownership of those rights.  The Constitution belongs to us.  We have a vested interest in it, and it is our property.  Physically, it is our property being kept in trust for our benefit by the federal government.  Legally, the Constitution belong to us in the same way as the promises and guarantees contained in our insurance policies belong to us.  Our rights are valuable, and they are our rights.

So what, exactly, is taking place when Obama and his cohorts decide to ignore and violate the Constitution?  What's taking place is theft.  He is stealing from you and me, taking what belongs to us away from us.  In my case, the Constitution is my birthright.  I inherited it from James Madison and the others by virtue of being born here.  As I have matured I've come to realize that the Constitution of the United States of America is the single most valuable asset I own.  Without it I could be a slave, or worse.  Everything I own, every freedom I enjoy is arguably dependent on my ownership of the Constitution.  I cherish it.

Yes, the Constitution was a gift, or inheritance to me.  I have made some sacrifices, paid some duty on it.  But my contributions pale in comparison to those of the patriots who have gone before me.  I am humbled at the thought of the price they paid for my benefit.  I am also filled with a great sense of pride and determination.  I will not fail to step forward and do my part should the time come to defend the Constitution against America's enemies.  And make no mistake, America's enemies are those who wish to destroy, ignore, or unilaterally change the Constitution.  I'm giving fair warning: that is not going to happen on my watch without a fight.

What's mine is mine, and no man is going to peaceably take it from me.  Although I can't imagine what must be going through their heads, I know there are many Americans who think otherwise.  Perhaps there will always be socialists and communists trying to subvert and overthrow the Constitution.  If so, I will just have to keep fighting.  Perhaps that is the nature of liberty.  Perhaps it requires constant struggle to remain free.

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Re: Who Does the Constitution Belong To?
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Great post.  Absolutely outstanding. Thumbs Upsup
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Re: Who Does the Constitution Belong To?
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Great post.  Absolutely outstanding. Thumbs Upsup

I can add nothing

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