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24th Amendment
12/13/10 at 22:33:19
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Just studying my Constitution and this question came to mind.  If someone were jailed for tax evasion, would that person, although imprisoned, still have a constitutional right to vote?

"The right of vote...shall not be denied or abridged by reason of failure to pay any poll tax or other tax."

Granted, someone in prison would be more concerned with parole than voting, but I thought it was still an interesting question.

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Re: 24th Amendment
Reply #1 - 12/14/10 at 07:47:27
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That amendment says paying a tax should not be a CONDITION of voting.  In other words, government cannot set up a tax to directly prevent people from voting.

Can you imagine what our Constitution would look like if the democrat party had been disbanded after the Civil War, just as the Nazi party was banned after WWII?  We would not have needed the 14th, 15th, 19th and 24th Amendments -- all of which came about to bring democrats to heel.

And the 26th Amendment would never have gotten off the ground, because it's just plain dumb.

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Re: 24th Amendment
Reply #2 - 01/16/11 at 11:46:10
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In my opinion, the answer to your question would be that the tax evader would most definitely be allowed to vote, according to the amendment!  This would fall under the "other taxes" clause which you pointed out. 

We don't put people in jail or prison for not paying taxes, we do put people in jail for tax evasion however.

If I were not taxed in a direct income tax method, I personally would then have the ability to withhold my tax under protest, if I so desired.  If I filed my 1040 and just didn't send them the money, I am deliquent on my taxes but I did not evade my taxes.  thus the difference in the meaning.


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Re: 24th Amendment
Reply #3 - 01/24/11 at 22:13:06
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It is a State by State Issue.  Some States allow those in custody to vote, and some do not.  Others have a this one can, and that one can't law.  Depending on the Felony.

Some States allow Felons who have served less than a year, or will spend less than a year vote.

The sad part, there is no enforcement, Felons and Illegal Aliens vote in a lot of States without fear of Prosecution.
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