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Government Entitlements
03/14/11 at 10:35:48
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Did you know that Theodore Roosevelt listed entitlements as a grave danger. Lately there has been a lot of miss-information about TR mainly from Glen Beck. I have started a web site that can help anyone that is really serious about fixing government. Real reform must start with educating the public. Here is a quote from one of TR's 35 books. If you like it check out my web site. I offer 34 free book to educate the public, with more coming.

"It ought not to be necessary for me to warn you against mere sentimentality, against the philanthropy and charity which are not merely insufficient but harmful. It is eminently desirable that we should none of us be hard-hearted, but it is no less desirable that we should not be soft-headed. I really do not know which quality is most productive of evil to mankind in the long run, hardness of heart or softness of head. Naked charity is not what we permanently want. There are of course certain classes, such as young children, widows with large families, or crippled or very aged people, or even strong men temporarily crushed by stunning misfortune, on whose behalf we may have to make a frank and direct appeal to charity, and who can be the recipients of it without any loss of self-respect. But taking us as a whole, taking the mass of Americans, we do not want charity, we do not want sentimentality; we merely want to learn how to act both individually and together in such fashion as to enable us to hold our own in the world, to do good to others according to the measure of our opportunities, and to receive good from others in ways which will not entail on our part any loss of self-respect".

I took a 6 month leave of absence from work without pay and spent about $15,000 putting this site together because it was the right thing to do. Now comes the hard part of getting people to check it out. Theodore Roosevelt has written how to go about make real reform possible. Join me!

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Re: Government Entitlements
Reply #1 - 03/16/11 at 09:07:35
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Interesting stuff brother

Which is worse:

- Hardness of Heart
- Softness of Head

I will check out "TR American Patriot"
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