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My uncle ripped me off!
01/17/12 at 20:15:08
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When I was a boy, I liked to play games with my uncle.  He was six years older than me and I looked up to him a lot.  We played pirates, cowboys, soldiers, cops, and robbers.  Once we played a game where he said that I could be a worker, he would pay me with money, and then I could buy stuff from him with the money.  He drew up small paper notes and he called them monies with pictures of people on them.  He would then tell me I could earn these pieces of paper with his crummy drawings on them if I would work for him.  I was excited, I was very pleased I was going to earn this “money” and then I could buy some of his cool old toys.  He had lots of matchbox cars and toy trains.  I couldn’t wait to play with them.  So I went to work, I cleaned his room for him and then I washed the old pool filters and then I vacuumed my grandparents living room.  I earned one of his notes that said it was worth 1,000 units of money.  This was awesome; I should be able to buy all of his toys with this much.  Then I asked him if I could buy his stuff with this 1,000-unit note he said, “Sure, as soon as you have enough saved you can buy one of my match box cars”.  I said, “What do you mean?  I have 1000 how much does one of your match box cars cost?”  He said “Only about 3000.” I was crushed, I had done all this work and I couldn’t even buy a match box car.  So I asked him if I could work some more and he said sure.  He said I could rake the leaves, mow the lawn, and take out the garbage barrels.  I was wising up; I wanted to buy the green muscle car from his matchbox collection.  I said, “Ok, I will do all that work but I want 2000 for that work, alright?”  He said “Absolutely, no problem.”   He got to work drawing me a new note and I got to work raking the leaves in the back yard, mowing the lawn in the front yard and taking out the garbage barrels.  Then I told him I was done and I wanted my payment, he smiled and handed over the 2000 note.  I was very excited, I asked if I could look at his cars and buy one now that I had 3000, he said sure.  He got out the big beautiful matchbox case of cars.  The cars were very shiny and they all looked new.  When I saw the Green muscle car I pointed to it and said I wanted that one and I handed him the 3000 I had earned.  He said that I could earn that one but it cost 5000 and I didn’t have enough.  I was heartbroken.  I asked him which car he had that cost 3000 like those that he said.  He pointed to the old crappy scraped up car that he always let me play with when we played matchbox cars.  It had tires that were bent up into the fenders and it wouldn’t role so I was used to scraping it along the ground and pretending it would role.  I said that I didn’t want to buy the junky car and that I would save up and buy the green muscle car he had.  He said that was a good idea but that every day the prices could go up or down and that it might cost more tomorrow or even more next week.  I began to realize that this was not a very fun game.  He could just keep creating more money and raise the price on things and I would never be able to buy that muscle car since I would charge him at least 2000 for the next round of doing his chores.  Then instead of it costing 5000 it would cost 10,000.  I told him that his game of earning fake money sucked and I said, “Uncle Sam!  I hate your bad deals! This game sucks! I am never playing this stupid money making game with you ever again!”  When are you going to see that Ron Paul is right?  Stop playing the baloney Games that Uncle Sam is trying to make us play with his fake Dollars and grow up.  Uncle Sam isn't even making the fake money anymore like the constitution says he should, now it's uncle Ben!

Now is a good time to PANIC!
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