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09/04/14 at 18:10:15
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I love sci-fi and fantasy, but I am getting increasingly tired by the political correctness that is seeping its way into the industry.  If I pick up one more book where space homosexuality, space Marxism, or space atheism is portrayed as the rational norm I am going to scream!  It really has chased me away from some genres I used to devour.  Anyhoo....

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a site called Liberty Island. It is a genre fiction site launched by a Breitbart colleague in an attempt to take back the genre fiction we all love.  It only launched back in June, so the content isn't too heavy yet, but some of the stories featured there are really quite good (I recommend Beautification Claws and The Wreck of the Hu Jintao).  Liberty Island will also work with budding writers to help get their material on the site (in other words, amateur writers have a chance to get their work accepted and edited for publication). 

While I do wish they would step things up a bit with fresh material, I do heartily recommend the site for some great old-school sci-fi, fantasy, and horror - all free of PC nonsense.

Just thought others might be interested. 


PS:  I hope to have one of my article appears soon.   Smiley

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