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Lynch Vote Will Be Strike Two for New GOP
02/06/15 at 12:38:10
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Lame Duck House Republicans swung and whiffed when they passed the CRomnibus Bill in December 2014.  That Continuing Resolution on the Omnibus Spending Bill (CRomnibus) actually funded many of Obama’s pet projects that Republicans swore to the heavens they would oppose during their mid-term election campaigns.  However, Republicans reverted to their standard practice of running as Conservatives but voting like Liberals once re-elected.  The GOP led House actually funded ObamaCare and many programs that process illegal immigrants in accordance with Obama’s disgraceful amnesty order.

Strike one.

The Senate is now conducting hearings on the nominee for Attorney General, Loretta Lynch.  During a recent line of questioning Lynch clearly stated that she felt Obama’s Amnesty Order was legal and Constitutional.  She also said illegal aliens had the legal right to work in the United States.  Those two positions are in stark contradiction to the positions established by every single Republican in the House and Senate.  

Loretta Lynch’s public assertions on immigration represent a clear and present danger to the basic principles held dear by Conservatives and most Republicans.  No clear-headed person would ever say that an illegal alien should have the same right to a job as a US citizen.  But that’s exactly what this prospective Attorney General said.  Sadly, Senate Republicans will vote to approve her in Committee and most Senate Republicans will vote to approve her in the full Senate.  Republicans will collapse and abandon their principles – again - because they’re afraid of being called sexists and racists by the liberal media and Democrats.  Sound public policies and the Constitution be damned.  

Strike two.  

The GOP also stuffed the CRomnibus Bill with a last-minute sweetheart deal for big Wall Street banksters.  Republicans put American taxpayers at risk by allowing those banks to place risky and dangerous derivative bets under FDIC protection.  Not only is that reckless, it’s a bank regulation that has absolutely nothing to do with the Budget process.  It’s nothing but a shameful back-room deal pushed by Wall Street lobbyists in return for big campaign donations.  Establishment Republicans are helping Wall Street so much even Hillary Clinton is smiling.  

The Conservative Party urges all conservative Republicans and Tea Party members to reconsider their allegiance to a Republican Party that has not in the past - and will not in the future – represent true conservative values.
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