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Re: We don't have much time left
Reply #30 - 02/09/15 at 08:56:05
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Lily003 wrote on 02/07/15 at 14:23:05:
Oh yes, I understand your concern! I don't count her out.

I am not sure she is MORE popular now than she was in 2008. I think her popularity may have gone DOWN. Now your newer or younger voters could be taken in, as they weren't around since 1992 to see her in action.

And you've got your Democrat voters who will vote for a Democrat no matter what. And there are PLENTY of them.

I also agree that electing Jeb is pretty much like electing Hillary.

Lily003 Huh

It's going to come down to how she fares with Gowdy's investigation.  The idiots will always vote for her but she may lose some of the very few supporters that actually think if she comes out of the hearing looking poorly.

If she survives unscathed...get ready for Hillary because even Scott Walker can't overcome the idiocy of most voters these days.
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Re: We don't have much time left
Reply #31 - 02/09/15 at 10:52:45
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Two other quick points:  Facts don't matter to the typical dem voter - - so even though those on the conservative side can point to compelling evidence on any of any number of issues, it doesn't matter - especially with the help of the main stream media, who is completely in the tank for emperor barry.

Secondly - and perhaps most importantly:  it's very, very discouraging to be active on various campaigns and issues - - and to actually see them WIN at the ballot box - - only to see them overturned by some activist judge.  This happens so much now that for many issues, the entire ballot measure process is a waste of time.

If elections go the way of the left (ballot measures), they proclaim that "the people spoke".  If they don't, they get some activist judge (already identified, already planned, already in motion) to overturn it.  This is how it's been for pretty much all the major social issues where there is a big divide (gay marriage, abortion, etc.).

So - if activism is a waste of time - - it's difficult if not impossible to be motivated - at least on the social issues.

God help us.

The trouble with good ideas is that they quickly deteriorate into hard work....
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