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Conservative's ForumConservative's Discussion ForumsConstitutional Issues › How do we defeat the unaccountable bureaucracy?
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Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies) How do we defeat the unaccountable bureaucracy? (Read 3,255 times)
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Re: How do we defeat the unaccountable bureaucracy?
Reply #10 - 02/28/18 at 10:03:03
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I was thinking on this the other day and sometimes I come up with unworkable ideas, this may be one: 
I was thinking if we could leave the Senate size as is, but since now the size (number of legislators) of the house of Reps is almost arbitrary once they set a cap on the maximum numbers of total reps.....what if we could slim down the numbers of reps to a much much smaller size, so that "things could get done" as everyone knows the more ppl one has in a group the more difficult it is to get anything done. 
I know the Const. set the numbers originally, but the framers had zero idea how large the nation would eventually be, and how many reps there would be.  They were thinking a card table size group and now it is more of a Texas Stadium size group. 
I hate to mess with the constitution at all....but if it made the govt function a lot better???  just a thought.

As for man, his days are as grass:  as a flower of the field, so he flourisheth.  For the wind passeth over it, and it is gone; and the place thereof shall know it no more. -- Psalms 103; 15-16
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Re: How do we defeat the unaccountable bureaucracy?
Reply #11 - 03/04/18 at 17:47:35
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cloudslicer wrote on 03/02/16 at 09:37:48:
There has been allot written about the power and control of the unelected bureaucracy that could care less which tweedle dee or tweedle doe party is stumbling around the capital beltway on a given election cycle.

I would like to present an idea that could collapse the bureaucracy from within by using its own avarice and nihilism against itself so it feeds upon itself rather then the citizens by using the profit motive. What if anyone in government could collect a commission on the amount of money they save taxpayers? That is I can make money by cutting programs. This would be applied to all government workers at every level.

The obvious downside to this would be a windfall of millionaire government cronies that would cannibalize their own agencies for personal gain but it would extremely effect in reigning in government spending. The commission percentage could be indexed so that when the government goes into deficit spending the commission is automatically increased in order to reduce the size of government then decreased if the government runs a surplus.

Any feedback would be welcome.

The main drawback of such a plan is the fact the higher management types are already making far, far more in graft than they could possibly recover by receiving reward for cutting expenses. The greater the budget, the more is available in graft. Hence, regardless of any reward system for cutbacks, the pressure from above will always be to go all out justifying maximum budget increase each and every budget cycle.

Not to mention that money is not the only aspect to management in a government bureaucracy. There is also that element of power and control. Having the authority to tell people how to run their businesses, whom they can do business with, whom they cannot do business with, or whom they MUST do business with; what to do with their lives, how they are allowed to spend their money, their time, and what methods they are allowed to use in raising their children is the BIG BONUS in the land of .GOV. The oversized, overbearing, over staffed Bureaucracy that comprises the vast majority of what we call the federal government these days is chock full of pin headed bullies who LOVE to tell others what to do.
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Re: How do we defeat the unaccountable bureaucracy?
Reply #12 - 04/16/18 at 17:11:09
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I know it will be really hard but we need to make something with that. Bureaucracy now had crossed all lines

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