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Sticky Topic Suggestion for new Registrants (Read 1,079 times)
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Suggestion for new Registrants
03/16/16 at 17:38:20
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When registering to join CF, a specific reason of being a Conservative is usually a requirement to join. 

Reasons such as "Cause I want to" (which was the case recently) or "To discuss politics" are usually rejected, but commented that if they feel they are a Conservative, to feel free to re-register offering a more specific reason of being a Conservative or to post with like minded people.

Also, it is suggested from refraining from sharing about any
previous bad experiences on other forums or naming or linking
to other forums.  Many posters here have had some previous
bad experiences on some forum where name calling appeared
rampant, and trolls have tent cities wedged in place.  Many
come here to get away from that immature stuff that goes on.
So it's best just to let it go, and begin a new journey in posting here about politics and such.  Wink

Please use Intro post to introduce yourself on NCO forum.  Thanks.

NCO forum is only readable for members.  Not open to guests.

If anyone ever needs a new password due to forgetting theirs,
use the "Forgot Password" option.  If your email changes,
email CF Admin to edit your profile and/or reset your password for you.

It is important that more than one id be used only.  If it is discovered more than one is being used at a time, the older one will be removed by Admin.
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Re: Suggestion for new Registrants
Reply #1 - 03/15/17 at 22:19:19
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Pls note, CF is exclusively for Conservative membership only.
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