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What's going on with the Tea Party?
05/28/16 at 11:44:59
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Tea Party

I have  spent hours in Tea Party web forums, correspondence with other Constitutionalists, starting around 2010. I rebuked the early criticism and ridicule,  took heart  in House, Senate, State and local wins,  and I have steadily contributed to and supported candidates with the faith and hope that America would eventually regain her bearings and get the ship under control.

My expressed opinion has been that the Tea Party goals would be better served by directing resources towards State, local, and Congressional contests, contests it can win.
No, the Tea  Party leaders became convinced they could put Ted Cruz in the White House, statistics notwithstanding. Grant you, it is not over yet.

My point in this post is to bring up the subject of Tea Party voters who do not, can not, and never will support the Trump candidacy.  If I am not mistaken, these amount to around half of the Tea Party’s peak support of about 30% of the voters. It is a fact that  Tea Party influence began to wane after 2012, never recovered, and has gradually declined to its current 17%

Mitt Romney really didn’t suit the Tea Party voters, so they never really got behind him. Granted, Mitt was a hard one to take (Who was his vice president? See what I mean?) but the act of shooting itself in the foot set a precedent for the Tea Party that high information voters rejected. In a sense, 2008 was an example of what happens when conviction turns into stubborn — my way or the highway.

Gallup polls found that TP support peaked at 30% in 2011 and again in 2013. Gallup also tracks a category it calls “neither support or oppose,” which it considers significant. Since 2014, the "neither support nor oppose" has skyrocketed from 40% to 55%, a huge jump
Over the course of its history, the darkest year for the Tea Party was 2012, when the TP refused to support the GOP nominee for President. That year, both TP support and opposition fell to 21%. 

It is pretty clear the Trump campaign is not optimistic about that 17% who are still holding out for Cruz or Bush, or, more characteristically, want to take their bat and ball and go home.
This, the week Trump’s electoral wins, 1237 a week before Super Tuesday, 2016, have made him the presumptive nominee.

So, really, I have as many questions as answers.
What think ye?
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