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Heavenly Mothers
10/10/16 at 14:24:44
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A young couple in our church lost a baby last Mother's Day. I wrote this as encouragement.

From the heights of Heaven the angel winged its way through the cloud cover. Below the angel was able to see what seemed a vast area of open space with an occasional man made structure scattered here and there.  The closer the angel got to the surface of earth the more distinct those man made structures became. Finally, the angel reached its destination, a health care facility located on the edge of a small town. As the angel entered the man made structure it saw the sad countenance on the faces of a young couple, members of the human race. Both were grieving as they had received word their hopes of having a child had been dashed. During the early stages of pregnancy life ceased to flow from the mother to the newly conceived child in her womb.

The angel picked up the soul of the little baby. Safely in the arms of the angel the bundle of dashed hopes was carried under the wings of that angle Heavenward. As the angel moved to the other side of the clouds the sun's rays kissed it and sent it Heavenward. Entering the gates of Heaven a choir of angels joined in singing praises to God and welcoming the soul of the recently departed child. Heaven was rejoicing because one of its own had come home.

There were others rejoicing along with the angels. These were the women who had felt the earth beneath their feet at one time and were now at home with their Lord, Jesus Christ.  They were the barren women, those never able to have earthly children of their own. They never enjoyed what motherhood offered when they lived on God’s footstool. They never celebrated that special day we call, “Mother's Day”. These are those who, as they lived on earth, were happy to take on any job that placed them close to children. In these positions they took care of those little ones, even though those children were not their own, they treated them as such. Why did they rejoice as the angel swept down into their presence?

They rejoiced because their task in Heaven was to care for those little ones who had never seen the light of day but had been carried along in their mother's womb for a time. These barren women cared for babies and children taken before their time through an untimely death, abortion, or mistreatment. Yes, these women knew when that particular angel entered Heaven they would receive the blessing of being a Heavenly mother who would care for, love, cuddle, and sing to that  little bundle nestled in the angel's arms and shadowed by the angel's wings. These barren mothers would experience much more than any earthly mother because they were Heavenly residents charged with the keeping of these little ones until they could be reunited with their earthly mothers and fathers.

Meanwhile back on earth the young parents grieve over the loss of their child. Beyond the clouds barren women rejoice.  Lift your eyes and look to Heaven. God has your best interest at heart. He has taken misfortune on one end and turned it into rejoicing on the other. Your babies are safe in the arms of women who dearly appreciate the opportunity to serve in their labor of love as mother to your child until you can be re-united with it in Heaven. When the day comes for angels assigned the task of escorting you into Heaven, not only will the angels rejoice but those barren Heavenly mothers will sing as well. You may ask yourself about that life that was a month or two old when God called it back to Heaven, is it a boy or a girl? Well you'll just have to make your reservation for Heaven to find out.    


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