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Normal Topic Why Pope Francis encourages voters to vote Democratic. (Read 903 times)
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Why Pope Francis encourages voters to vote Democratic.
02/07/17 at 12:12:59
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The link is just one of many on the subject of the Vatican's apparent wish to keep America Democratic. This one is about the wall, and Francis's comments that Christians build bridges, not walls. He went on to get more personal with then candidate Donald Trump.
Prior to this, ion an obvious attempt to shore up Democratic support, Francis was on a world tour to promote de-industrialization and global warming concerns.

George Soros, a former Third Reich Nazi and reported Vatican/Central Bank/New World Order insurrectionist, and Pope Francis, agree with the principles of what Soros calls, "The color revolution," nothing new. Under the cover of being all for the nations of the Southern hemisphere, both work constantly to undermine  and ultimately, destroy, the industrious nations of the northern climates. (in a partnership eerily similar to the Concordat between The Vatican and The Third Reich.)
Obviously, grabbing the money and territory is a hidden motive that comes to mind; that and expansion of world communism, (Think, South Africa and others.)
Here, though, is a foundation plank for better understanding of observed American behavior. First, in the process of taking over America's eastern cities and Chicago, the Democratic method caused much of the industry and the non-Democratic population to leave. It was called, "White-Flight," a typical leftist  buzz word to suggest white wrongdoing.
Everyone thinks of JFK and the Chicago Democrats in humanitarian terms. Get over that. It's about power and territory, control of the federal government, always has been.

That leads us to Soros's "color revolution." Bear in mind, Soros is in his own words, out to take down white non Democratic Party America, and not in a nice way.

As we have heard many times, the Democratic model does not sustain. It has to move in a couple of directions. Expand, or plunder more territory. Work the system, federal and state, especially the government benefits, which the cities have been reduced to dependence upon. Ultimately, force the nation to accept socialism and communism. All ties in with open borders, and putting the results on welfare, and achieving numeric advantages at the polls of NY, CA, FLA, NJ, WA, Ill, and a couple of others. Also,  dilute the culture with a plan of "multiculturalism."

I realize I am preaching to the choir here, but it is important to sort these things out, otherwise, the world will be led to believe that we are simply racists and haters.
The Democrats are not stupid. They realize America has committed vast resources to a global build out. Just like the machinists unions are known for calling a strike just as the finishing touches are being put on the product, the Democrats are holding up America, literally at gun point, with their own demands.
Trump knows this, and he is trying to deal with it. But the fact is, there is little hope for America's Democratic cities.
No one wants to be with them, and no one wants them to be with us. Their economy is based on welfare. They uses their powers in the State Legislatures to milk their states for support and spread socialist ideology all through the counties. The ghettos are plantations, with social benefits the crop harvested. They know they are in trouble and are using Nazi styled riot and insurrection to enforce their will. They are using the UN to drive the population into urban zones.

We notice how strong Obama's support is in the cities.
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Conservative's ForumConservative's Discussion ForumsPolitical Activism, Strategy, Blogs › Why Pope Francis encourages voters to vote Democratic.
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