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Voting E-Poll Tablet stolen from truck!
04/19/17 at 03:21:22
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Democrats have been telling us for decades that voter fraud never happens.  Even after Acorn's registration fraud, and numerous Democrats flaunting their illegal voting activities (key Chicago poll worker claiming she cast votes on behalf of family members that could not get to the polls).  They still stick with this false narrative.  On April 15, that took an even more bazar turn.

As I am sure that you have heard, there is a highly contested Special Election in Georgia for a replacement to fill Tom Price's Congressional seat.  Early voting in that election ended on Friday April 14th.  On April 15th, a poll worker had an "E-poll" book stolen from his pick-up truck.  An E-poll book is basically a  computer tablet used to sign people in at the polling places.  These books store voter information including their signature. 

So, on Saturday April 15, this poll worker has these tablets, valued at about $2000 in his pick-up truck as he made a grocery run.  When he returns to his truck, he notices the books are missing, and calls the police.  The police says there was no forced entry, and the poll worker admits that he may have left the doors unlocked.  Security video from the store shows a dark grey Chrysler make it's way down the lane, and stop at the poll worker's truck.  Someone gets out of the car, and enters the poll worker's truck.  They take the tablets, and return to their vehicle.  A few miles down the road, another vehicle was broken in down the road..  So, the police claims it was random.  Random?  What are you kidding me? Cheesy 

A poll worker has these books in his personal vehicle while he goes shopping.  He leaves his doors unlocked.  Goes into the store.  Then a thief drives up.  Out of all the vehicles in the parking lot, the thief just happens to pick that specific vehicle.  Takes the books, and leaves the scene.  Where do you get random from that?

Let's talk about what really happened.  A progressive poll worker takes his E-poll books home.  At a preset time he drives to the local Kroger, and leaves the books in the vehicle with the doors unlocked.  A DNC operative then drives up, and retrieves the books.  Then departs the scene.  Now the polls do not have a list of legally cast votes.  Now the poll workers are free to stuff the boxes with tons of fraudulent Osoff votes, and even remove some legally cast GOP candidate votes.

Frankly, I'm surprised the DNC hasn't blamed it on the Russians.

No left turn on Red, White and Blue!!!

Once a Marine, always a Marine!!!
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