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Cameron Kinvig
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100 Days of Action--Not Russia
05/19/17 at 12:33:55
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With all of the media noise surrounding the Trump Administration and the constant allegations of “Russian hacking of the election” (because, it’s far easier to believe the electorate was somehow duped by the Russians, rather than they simply disliked Hillary Clinton), I thought I’d remind conservatives of some of the Trump Administration’s accomplishments in the first 100 days in office.  Most of these weren’t discussed at length in the press, but will have a profound impact on our daily lives, and will undue a decent chunk of the harm President Obama did to the country over the last 8 years.

What follows is an excerpt of the final chapter of my recently published book (excerpted due to character limit), detailing the good things the Trump Administration has done for America in a mere 3 months in office.  If we allow the Democrats to drive the national conversation toward scandal, rather than substance and change, America will never be different, it will never be Great Again, it will simply become the regulatory technocrat euro-state that Democrats have dreamed of since LBJ.

Here’s my small attempt at changing the national dialogue.  If you’re interested in reading more, a link to my book is included below:

100 Days of Action

President Trump recently passed the threshold marking his first 100 days in office.  The “first 100 days” has traditionally been a “honeymoon” of sorts for Presidents—allowing them to take an international victory lap and pass a few pieces of non-controversial legislation to show immediate progress.  However, in a recent speech to the nation marking his 100th day in office, President Trump noted that he’d delivered “100 days of action,” keeping a significant number of campaign promises along the way.

Trump’s first 100 days may not have been a honeymoon, but they certainly were productive.  Trump signed 29 bills into law—more than any President since Truman, and more than Presidents Obama and George W. Bush combined.  Notably, 13 of these bills reversed Obama-era regulations through the little-used Congressional Review Act.  Trump also asked that Congress consider reversing 20 additional Obama-era regulations that unduly burdened the oil and gas and coal industries, the construction industry, individuals seeking to save for retirement, the financial industry, the chemical industry, and the power generation industry.

While Republicans in Congress may not move as quickly as the Trump Administration would like, this has not stopped Trump’s progress.  Since his inauguration, Trump signed 90 executive actions in his first 100 days, including 32 executive orders and 28 Presidential memoranda.  These often had far-reaching consequences that will operate to reduce federal banking and tax regulations, require the renegotiation of trade agreements, stimulate domestic manufacturing, encourage energy independence, protect veterans, reduce trade deficits, largely freeze federal hiring, sanction foreign terrorists and those that support them, eliminate sanctuary cities, encourage companies to “hire American,” and “buy American,” reduce crime, protect law enforcement, protect our border with Mexico, dismantle “climate change” regulations, and encourage American technological innovation. 

The budget proposed by President Trump in his first 100 days significantly increased spending for our military, veterans, and on homeland security, but cut funding for other portions of the government that had grown too large, or which currently handcuff small business with myriad regulations (see a 31% reduction in the EPA’s budget).  Mr. Trump further requested that his Administration study the elimination of entire agencies . . . (truncated due to 4000 character limit).
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Re: 100 Days of Action--Not Russia
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The President has been busy and doing well on policy issues. My career is in manufacturing, and I like what he is doing. The very unfortunate part is these wins fly under the radar and will never be headline credits to him.

Why aren't we investigating the President and staff that held office while the supposed Russian interference occurred?
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