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red hawk
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For Lily
02/08/18 at 12:19:20
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All glory is fleeting.
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Re: For Lily
Reply #1 - 02/09/18 at 05:03:20
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I think we are way past over the line!

We may be on the way to nothing really being done.  I don't think BHO will be held to account.  I hope Hillary is another story.  She is involved in EVERY facet of the dirty business.

She repeatedly lied to the FBI, physically destroy electronic devices, eliminated 30,000 e-mails under subpoena, got 2 assistants turned into lawyers for her, her IT guy ignored subpoenas by Congress, got this "dossier" on President Trump and started the whole "Russia" thing.

I know I am probably missing a lot!  Way worse than Watergate at the highest level to let her keep running for President.  It corrupted the FBI, DOJ, Attorney General, on up to the President of the United States.  And still she won't stop running her mouth.

I wish I could say that justice will come her way.  In no way could I say that with any confidence.

Thanks for the article.

Lily003   Smiley
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