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The Doorman
02/12/18 at 10:37:21
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Re: The Doorman
Reply #1 - 02/12/18 at 10:57:24
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  Very good analogy and very deep almost all the way to the end. Then they wanted to sell something.
  I probably missed the deeper aspect of the article. I hope I did.. Good read though.

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Re: The Doorman
Reply #2 - 02/13/18 at 07:32:18
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Great article, Dew. Very true and very depressing.
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Re: The Doorman
Reply #3 - 02/13/18 at 13:51:08
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Wouldn't it be nice if that were all true?
I couldn't tell whether the article was attempting to justify the doorman, or condemn him.
Personally, I don't believe a doorman gets to vote on his employers.  Our presidents owe their allegiance to the people who voted them in, rather than to some nefarious and clouded "deep state".  If those presidents choose NOT to remain loyal, they can be quickly voted out.  So I think a doorman, as analogous to our president, is a far stretch.


The military industrial complex continues to enjoy perpetual warfare, so that they can supply armaments to the government for unnecessary conflicts. Big Pharma enjoys legislation that forces people to be vaccinated against their will and accept outrageously high prices for medications that are generally inexpensive to produce.

Rarely does the military "start" wars and very rarely does "big pharma" make the laws--congress does. 

I've only heard on one occasion a law was passed saying all children should be immunized against polio, which many people ignored.  (Well, except for Obama's unconstitutional attempt to mandate health care!)
Immunization is heavily favored for several other diseases, but I've not heard of any laws mandating shots.  (And if they did, the citizens rebelled!)

Of course, the deep state exists.  We've seen too much evidence of it, but we've also seen opposition to it.  Even President Trump has spoken out against it.  So while we know it exists, it does not mean it always will, nor does it mean it controls everyone in government.  It just means it's another problem we face from the moneyed few.  --And the threat of a "bullet" should not be wasted on the citizenry.  I would take damned unkindly the assassination of the President--any President.

Socialism is not a concept invented by the poor.  It's been a tool of the "plenty" used to control the many.

This looks like more of the same--posing a "doorman" as the face of the many, to hide the actual "plenty".

But maybe my thinking is simply twisted this morning.  Grin Undecided

"Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery."--Winston Churchill--
The 1st is Guaranteed by the 2nd!
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