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Re: FBI: Top Internet Scams......
Reply #10 - 06/11/18 at 13:07:11
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I just now got another telephone scam calls. It's the 3rd time for this particular kind of call. An Asian Indian sounding guy calls and asks specifically for me, telling me he represents some kind of pain management entity, and he said my name was submitted to them, as I was having pain.

Then he asks me where my pain was. I told him I don't have any damn pain, that I've already told you people that twice already, and to go to hell (then I hung up).

I then told my wife (who wanted to know what the call was about), why would somebody submit my name, saying I have pain -- without telling them the nature of the pain?

I guess I should have played dumb and listen further as to what his sales pitch was going to be. In any event, the numbers below is what showed up on my caller I.D.: V612005418800166
                                                                  813-510 1212
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Re: FBI: Top Internet Scams......
Reply #11 - 06/11/18 at 13:14:01
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WAlt wrote on 06/10/18 at 14:52:00:
We got three of the exact warnings, but they were telephone recordings, not emails. I told them to bring it on!

But as of late, we get the same robocalls, telemarketer, etc., but with different phone I.D. numbers.

One call is telling us our car warranty is no longer in effect and that I need to call them. This is a live person, not a prerecorded call. It's always a different person  (telemarketer). My wife tells them we no longer own the vehicle. I tell them to go to hell, that I'm tired of their phone calls.

Another call is where a prerecorded tape says: Hi, my name is Amy, can you hear me? I don't listen to the rest, as they want you to say "yes" (that you can hear them). Then, as I've read about scams, they try to use your affirmation to legally bind you to some oral agreement/contract over the phone.

Then, I've gotten two prerecorded phone calls from some organization that can help me with my student loans, that they got my name from some eligibility list, etc.  What a damn lie. The only list I'm one is maybe a Medicare list. I do get robocalls and mailers for free hearing tests.

I got a call blocker, and that has cut them down dramatically.  I can even block the charity calls, which are allowed.  I will have to do more when the political season comes and that is allowed.

You do have to block individual numbers if they change them.  But I think there is some connection, because I am not getting them now.

Lily003   Huh
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Re: FBI: Top Internet Scams......
Reply #12 - 06/11/18 at 15:01:00
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…..a little complicated, but this is what the FTC is trying to do to stop annoying robocalls.


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