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Re: I am trying to get the hang of this format
Reply #20 - 07/09/18 at 08:42:49
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Wink  Good one Byrdie..

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Re: I am trying to get the hang of this format
Reply #21 - 07/09/18 at 14:22:39
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Nyte_Byrd wrote on 07/09/18 at 08:30:53:
Yes, sometimes sadly hilarious though.  Cheesy

I wrote this poem many years ago based on my own experiences.
Let me know if the theme still fits today.

Let's Not Forget

Was walking by and saw a door
that said Let's Not Forget,
I heard a lot of grumblin'
and things like "Wanna bet?"

I didn't think I would be heard
if I rang the bell out front
So I scurried to the other side
Where the window was not shut

Looking in more closely now
I could see why they wouldn't hear
For all were talking at one time
Not too many seemed give an ear

Some were playing dominos
and games that never end
But in the other rooms I saw
A most unusual trend

Blame was being cast about
who must have spilled the milk
The teacher seemed out of sight
While some were cursing words cliche ilk

There was one it seemed most insecure
I think the others knew
But no one wanted to say it so
Even though they knew what's true

I think when someone has to prove in words
More times than books on shelf
That he thinks he is a man above the rest
He can't seem to believe himself

Some looking for approval
and putting others down
So they could feel prideful
With ego of being big man in town

But some like that, with job in hand
With need for such control
And those who seek accomplices
So others take their role

Not sure where some hands have been
I guess they like to play
With need to feel special
From morn till end of day

Suddenly a voice rang out
'Okay now let's behave'
Someone asked 'why pick on me
It was him you allow to rave'

The insecure one with Bud in hand
Took a hearty sip,
Joe Frazier in a bottle
Gave courage to give a flip

Some were just sitting there
with mouths that fell agape
But no utterance would come from them
They felt there no escape

There were some who would say
some hidden words to one
No one wanted to get involved
cause then it be not fun

The insecure one in a rant
His emotions run amok
But denial seemed to set in
as he'd make it sound like just a shuck.

Then suddenly one yelled out
Stop whining, very rude
Not realizing her own words
Was whining very crude.

When some were not looking
One, he would attempt
to get some others to surround
Some who he felt was unkempt

I wondered to myself
just what all this madness was
And as I looked I heard a noise
Sounded like a buzz.

Suddenly the one in white
put her hand on my arm and said
Do you know where you are young man?
I said to her "I'm sorry, it was here that I was led."

She said "My name's Nurse Cratchett
and you can come on in."
Looking at the hidden part of the sign
that said 'sanitarium'.

I said, "that's okay,
I'll just mosey down round the bend.
I've seen the movie once enough
and I know how it will end."

And suddenly I heard a noise
and there was this big white sink
And one of them came out the hole it made
With still some sanity to think.

Having real courage
to realize what is true
Virtual integrity and false pride
Will only cause one rue.

The fella ran home to those
to help and be a part
Where he could change what could be changed
Not fables of the heart.

(C)NB 2006


So very true. You and I talked about it before.  A little of myself in there as well...not a part that I'm proud of either. Can't believe that I wasted my time trying to reason with anyone there. Cool Wink
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