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White = Racist? 1of2
07/07/18 at 22:00:37
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White = Racist?

     I consider myself to be a hard working, decent, and courteous person. I know that a person is prone to extreme bias when viewing their own character, nonetheless, these are attributes for which I strive. I would like to think that I can look beyond the superficial differences in my fellow human, such as the color of their skin, the dialect of their tongue, where they were born, or even the sex to which they belong and measure them as a person rather than the community to which they belong, but apparently I cannot because I am white. The lauded and admired civil rights juggernaut Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in his famous “I Have A Dream” speech declared,

“I have a dream that my children may live in an America where they are judged, not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character…”      

I was once accused of being a racist because I asked a black co-worker, who had on a T-Shirt with the words “I Have A Dream” written across the front, if he knew what Dr. King’s dream was. To which he boldly replied “To set the black man free.” I told him that was ridiculous, Dr King’s dream was to have a nation where every person was judged on their own merit, regardless of race. I further proceeded to tell him that he might be interested to learn that Dr. King never, not one time, referred to himself as a black  rights activist, African-American rights activist, or even people of color rights activist he identified himself as a civil rights activist who held sacred the rights of all people without respect to their skin tone. Because I challenged a lie that society had produced in this black man I was called racist never mind that I was speaking cold hard fact.

This man did not know me beyond a “good morning” and a “have a good weekend” but because I dared to approach the golden calf of race I was deemed a racist. As a white man I am sick and tired of being blamed for what unenlightened white men of bygone generations did to African people through slavery. I am tired of every failure of black society being laid at my feet simply because I am white. I am rising up against such bigotry and I am calling to account those who display the bias prejudices they are condemning in others. Just because I am white I am automatically perceived as a racist.

Let me give you a little history lesson, my ancestors only came five generations before me. In 1892 my Irish forebears left the tyranny of England upon the emerald isle and came to America by way of Ellis Island. The people whose blood flows in my veins where as an oppressed people as the world has ever known. They share in the horrors of cruel oppression equal to the European Jews by Germany, the Filipino islanders by the Japanese, and yes even the African slaves or the Native people by the Americans. If you know anything of the 17th-19th centuries you should remember Irish men were denied their rights of property, had their homes and lands stolen from them, were pressed into servitude, and were regularly murdered by the British crown. Ireland’s daughters were raped, tortured, and beaten without conscience. Oh yeah and many an Irish lad was chained to the oars of the slave ships that moved those poor condemned souls from the African continent to the North American one.

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Re: White = Racist? 2of2
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My ancestors were slaves not slave owners, my family did not even dwell in this bountiful land during its darkest and most shameful period, but somehow I am still labeled a racist. It is simply and mind-bogglingly absurd for blacks to continue to blame whites for their social plight. I do not care if you are white, black, red, yellow, or brown if you want to succeed America has made it possible. I find it interesting the Asians-Americans are not complaining of social injustice, the Latinos who immigrated to this country legally are not crying foul, the Jews who have been the recipient of more pogroms and discrimination than any other people do not lay their problems at the feet of their abusers, even the American Indians (who suffered even worse than the Africans) do not point their finger at the wicked white man, so what is the problem black America?

Here is a bit of truth for you, not racism, T-R-U-T-H. You can do whatever you want because we live a wonderfully free country who offers to you what it once did not to your forefathers - hope. It is not the white man’s fault that 77% of black homes are absent a father! It is not the white man’s fault that blacks have the highest welfare participation in America. It is not the white man’s fault that 40% of crime in America is committed by young black men who represent less than 5% of the population. It is not the white man’s fault that black kids have the largest high-school drop-out rate. It is not the white man’s fault there are more black men affiliated with gangs than black men in the work-force. Please stop blaming me I did not do any of this, I do not use the N-word, I have never been to a Klan meeting, I am not bigoted to interracial marriage, I think you are just as talented, just as capable, just as deserving as any other person in this country.

Instead of looking to men like Al Sharpen, Malcom X, Louis Far-khan, Michael Eric Dyson for your answers how about listening to men who will tell you the truth like Dr Martin Luther King Jr., Jesse Lee Peterson, David Clarke, and Dr James David Manning?

With Greatest Respect,
Sean O’Connelly
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