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Normal Topic High school debate over Confederate flag (2015). (Read 236 times)
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High school debate over Confederate flag (2015).
07/09/18 at 20:26:54
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Some of the YT comments are cringeworthy.

a room full of white male privileged teens. what a diverse conversation demographic. although chris is lit

(same person)

The white people will never experience systemized racism, the males will never experience institutional sexism so their view on oppression is limited to sparse jokes about how they cant jump high. Also is your point that the -- what? like 2 --black people in the class should count themselves lucky to be able to attend a white school? It's like your mindset is stuck in the 60's.

(same person)

I know I'm white, but I am educated so I don't say idiotic things like "racism and sexism is very small these days". There is nothing bigoted about what I said, it is a pure fact that majority and privileged groups cannot truly experience the world from a holistic point of view. Men aren't denied jobs based on a preconceived idea that their genitalia determines their intellect and white people aren't shot by cops for preconcieved ideas that their skin tone indicates a violent tendecy.

(same person)

White privilege exists no matter where you are because we as white people have all benefited off a racial inequality system. One that, to this day, pushes black people into ghettos, poorer schools, and a negative connotation in the media wherein they are continuously depicted as violent, lazy, promiscuous, and unintelligent. These are systematic problems of the nation and as long as we do not acknowledge them, white people continue to benefit off the relics of slavery and jim crow and segregation. White privilege does not mean you are personally responsible for oppressing black people but it is undeniable that as an institution we have passed judgments on a group of people that do not have a basis in anything other than race. Nothing you do, no hardship you incur can erase white privilege. Which I know can sound offensive to someone I'm sure works very hard, but even if you do not initiate any racial opinions on others-- older generations who are in power in the government, "traditionalists" in the workforce, or someone who grew up with certain teachings as a barista in a cake shop all see you in a subconscious (or not subconscious) favorable light due to nothing but your skin tone. You can't help being given white privilege because you're born with it, its forced on you just like the negative stereotypes are forced on black babies. The difference is your benefiting so you have a duty to recognize it and make conscious efforts to be aware of these occurrences.

Here are some resources that might help:

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Re: High school debate over Confederate flag (2015).
Reply #1 - 07/09/18 at 21:49:12
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I know I am in a minority here but I do feel with a very strong knowledge in accurate history of why the south went into rebellion was in fact over slavery.  Read each state's article of succession.  You won't see tariffs being talked about, you read slavery, slavery, and more slavery.  You read about their beliefs that it was the destiny of the black race to be dominated by the white race.

Don't believe me?  Read them for yourself.  They are out there.

As for this classroom, as a parent, I would make the same argument as I did above with the school district and pull my kid out until the poster of the brutal communist revolutionary, the murderer and torturer of thousands in Cuba and central/south America "Che Guevara" was torn down!

Then, they can debate.
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Re: High school debate over Confederate flag (2015).
Reply #2 - 07/10/18 at 07:28:42
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