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Results of the Trump presidency so far
07/11/18 at 03:29:44
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-Unemployment has gone down to 3.8%, which is the lowest in 18 years.
-Black and Hispanic unemployment rates are at an all time low.
-Food stamp use is at its lowest level in 8 years.
-3.4 million new jobs have been created, and we now have more job openings than people who are unemployed.
-349,000 construction jobs have been created.
-362,000 manufacturing jobs have been created.
-The Dow Jones has reached all time record highs.
-401Ks have had huge increases.
-The tax plan created the largest gross tax cuts in American history, which led to 587 companies announcing pay raises, bonuses, and expansions.
-Mortgage rates are nearing an all time low.
-Illegal immigration is down 64%, which is the lowest in 46 years.
-The top 5 ISIS leaders have been captured.
-ISIS lost 98% of its territory and is virtually destroyed.
-The United States and North Korea are talking to each other instead of threatening war.
-North Korea is beginning a denuclearization process to its weapons program.
-American hostages have been released from North Korea.
-The remains of US soldiers, who were killed in Korea, will be returned back home to their families.

-Still trying to figure out the difference between males and females, and which bathrooms to use.
-Still trying to grasp the difference between legal immigrants and illegal aliens.
-Keep protesting for open borders, and the abolishment of ICE, so that all of the MS-13 gang members, terrorists, drug smugglers, and fugitives can have a free pass to move into our neighborhoods, play with our kids, and take our jobs.
-Still deciding on which one of our constitutional rights should be taken away next.
-Keep trying to find new things to be offended by. Mascots, flags, and statues can be particularly scary.
-Keeping blaming everything on the Russians.
-Keep attacking and threatening anyone who works in the President's administration, even in places like restaurants, movie theaters, softball fields, bookstores, their homes, and their children's schools. But when a liberal gets kicked out of a Starbucks then the entire company has to take sensitivity training.
-Keep blocking more traffic, and then end up on youtube every time they get run over.
-Keep rioting and burning down their communities every time things don't go their way.
-Keep having talk shows, snl, movies, Broadway shows, award shows, music videos, social media, news media, and the educational system praise anything that promotes a liberal/socialist agenda, but immediately put a ban on any shows that support conservatism (Roseanne, Last Man Standing, Dukes of Hazzard).
-Keep aligning themselves with people like Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Rosie O'Donnell, Joy Bahar, Kathy Griffith, Michael Moore, David Hogg, and George Soros, or any BLM activist demanding reparations.
-Keep ignoring all of the news reports that involve a white person being victimized by someone of another race. That doesn't fit the liberal narrative. We are only allowed to be outraged when it is the other way around.
-Keep advocating for the assassination of the president or blowing up the White House.
-Keep stomping on the American flag and taking a knee during the National Anthem, but continue to reap the benefits of living in the US rather than move to another country.
-Keep freaking out every time Trump enforces existing laws, even if all of the previous democratic presidents supported those exact same laws. Apparently laws that have been around forever suddenly become deplorable now that Trump is president.
-Keep labeling the police as racist murderers, but then expect them to run to your aid whenever you have a problem.
-Keep organizing more marches while wearing vagina hats.
-Keep calling conservatives racist, sexist, homophobic, or Nazis every time they have a difference of opinion or can't form a rational argument.
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