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Normal Topic You will rarely convince a LIB of anything, but you can hammer them in the process. (Read 991 times)
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You will rarely convince a LIB of anything, but you can hammer them in the process.
11/21/18 at 18:17:57
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It's impossible to have a discussion with LIBs about making America better because they reject the main tenets of America's founding.  They don't participate in the discussion with common ground in any of America's Fundamentals.

LIBs do not consistently defend the Constitution.  They reject it.  They look for every opportunity to circumvent the Constitution. LIBs also reject the process for amending the Constitution. They look to activist judges to legislate from the bench.  As a result, you will rarely get any agreement regarding the Constitution.

LIBs do not promote Free Enterprise.  They look for ways to regulate it and pick winners and losers.  Their economic platform is based on socialism, and they use a false moral high ground to try to shame working Americans into self-regulation.

LIBs reject Free Enterprise because they look to government to regulate everything connected with it -- salaries of employees, regulatory limits on supply & demand, regulations to protect consumers from their own ignorance and bad choices, regulations restricting what a business can offer in the way of products and services, etc. Free Enterprise isn't "free" with LIBs in charge.

"You didn't build that." ...  "At some point you've made enough money."

The most egregious violation of the three tenets of our Founding and Framing comes in the form of LIBs rejection of Individual Liberty. LIBs do not nurture and promote Individual Liberty. They seek to convince the society that individual achievement and success is selfish. They promote the idea of "the collective" -- a Marxist principle. They use guilt and propaganda and false morality to nudge individuals toward giving up personal freedom, success, creativity, motivation and achievement for the good of the group. LIBs then try to use taxation to force wealth redistribution, which removes all incentive to produce and create and achieve -- because it will just be forcibly taken away and given to someone else. LIBs attack and seek to penalize the makers and risk-takers who own businesses and reward others with the earned assets of working Americans.

The LIB attack on Free Enterprise and Individual Liberty is intertwined.

I have never run across ANY LIB, and I have attempted to engage many, who refutes any of what I posited here.  They go immediately into name-calling and insults.  They cannot articulate their position beyond a couple of sentences of talking points.  They don't agree with my analysis of them, but they don't deny it.  They have no comment other than blah blah blah.

If LIBs admitted to any of this, they would effectively expose themselves for the America-haters that we know them to be.

As a result of these facts, in most cases, it is pointless to try to convince any LIB of the error of their ways and try to show them how their mission hurts America.  LIBs know their mission hurts America. They reject the United States of America and the main  tenets of its founding.

So the posting of facts relative to the  founding will not convince a LIB to change their mind. 

Instead, post the truth for those in the middle who are sincerely looking for American truth and  American success.  Post for those who seek clarity and success for themselves and America.

Most LIBs are ignorant of economics, so they will not understand the error of their ways unless America goes the way of other socialist countries -- tyranny that affects them, regulations that take away their rights and directly affect them, scarcity of goods and services that affect them, the elimination of free thought and free movement that affects them.

We can't let it get to that point.  It's important for us to win over the middle in this argument.  LIBs are too far gone, but some may trickle in our direction as they experience failure.

Hammer LIBs Daily with TRUTH.
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Conservative's ForumConservative's Discussion ForumsPolitical Activism, Strategy, Blogs › You will rarely convince a LIB of anything, but you can hammer them in the process.
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