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My Free Market solution to the problems we face
02/07/19 at 16:34:58
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For several years I have been working on a project and have taken it as far as I can. This post is here to help me determine my next steps. Mainly, if the support needed to continue with this can be obtained through crowdfunding, if so which one.

I've developed a system that I strongly believe will help heal us as a nation & help make everyone's voice heard. One of the main goals of this system is to bring people together over shared values, goals and opinions. Once a relationship is formed people can then begin a civil discussion about topics we disagree on. This system reminds people that together, as a nation, we stand but divided we fall. Dividing us is exactly what those who seek to gain, hold onto, and increase their power have done.

Restoration not Revolution. There and many that believe we are close to a tipping point, where a bloody civil war is the only way to resolve our differences; I don't.  I do believe that if we don't restore the bonds that bind us, soon, the nation as we know it will fall.

Currently, only around 50% of the nation is active during major elections! My system will change that. This is not a new political party or political movement. It is change by choice. One of the problems we have today is the career politician. They only do what is best for their careers, which is rarely what's best for the nation. When something is part of the problem, its rarely part of the solution. My system is an external force pushing politicians to do their duty and keep their promises or make room for those that will

My system will get the uninvolved, involved. Motivating people in small ways to make big differences. Lack of time, lost faith in the current political process, feeling that their voice/vote doesn't matter. All the current excuses for not being politically active are made useless with my system as they see with little effort and maximized results they can in fact make a difference. My system will give them feedback on how small, everyday changes and choices affect the promotion of their values and goals. The political system works, but it works best when the majority of the nation is informed, engaged and informed.

TL;DR Creating a Free Market Solution to the problems facing the nation. That will unite people not divide them, Restoration not Revolution, get the uninvolved involved, restore balance, make career politicians rare, returning power to the individual.


It's Time to Choose what direction the Nation takes.
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