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Normal Topic Pure Paucity of Evidence...Its time to go after these Bastards (Read 239 times)
Giles Johnson
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Pure Paucity of Evidence...Its time to go after these Bastards
03/14/19 at 13:15:09
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Lisa Page Explains 'Insurance Policy'; Admits 'Paucity of Evidence' at Beginning of Trump-Russia Probe

( - On August 15, 2016, less than three months before the presidential election, FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok sent his extra-marital partner Lisa Page a text reading: "I want to believe the path your threw out in Andy's office -- that there is no way he gets elected -- but I'm afraid we can't take that risk. It's like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you're 40."
Then-Rep. Trey Gowdy asked Lisa Page to explain that text when she appeared before a closed-door hearing last July. A transcript of that hearing was released this week.
"What does the clause 'that there is no way he gets elected' modify?" Gowdy asked Page:
"So I'll be honest: I don't remember," Page responded. "I don't remember precisely this event or this meeting."
"But I know sort of the sentiment that this text is meant to reflect," Page added.
She explained that if Trump was not going to be elected president -- a view that Page held -- she believed there was no reason to aggressively pursue the Trump-Russia counterintelligence investigation and "burn sources." But Strzok apparently didn't want to take that chance. Page said  the "insurance policy" related to the tempo of the fledgling investigation -- "how aggressive or not aggressive" they should be. (See her own words below.)
Page also said that as of August 15, there was a "paucity of evidence" in the newly-launched Trump-Russia probe:
"But by this point, at, you know, the 15th, there -- it is at the -- literally, the very beginning. So there is, in fact, a paucity of evidence because we are just starting down the path to figure out whether the predication is true or not true, and who might ultimately be somebody who, if true, would have been in a position to receive information" (from the Russians).
Page explained that there were regular discussions at the FBI "in which we were trying to find an answer to the question, right, which is, is there someone associated with the campaign who is working with the Russians in order to obtain damaging information about Hillary Clinton?"
"And given that it is August, we were very aware of the speed and the sensitivity that we needed to operate under."
She continued:
And so we had sort of regular conversations about trying to balance getting the answer as quickly as possible, right, because if the answer is, this is a guy just being puffery at a meeting with other people, great, then we don't need to worry about this, and we can all move on with our lives; if this is, in fact, the Russians have co-opted an individual with, you know, maybe wittingly or unwittingly, that's incredibly grave, and we need to know that as quickly as possible.
And so what this text reflects is our sort of continuing check-in almost with respect to how quickly to operate, what types of tools to use, trying to be as quiet as possible about it because we knew so little about what -- whether this was true or not true or what was going to come, because this is, as you said, so nascent in the investigation, and then ultimately, trying to balance that against my view, in this case, which was, we don't need to go at a total breakneck speed because so long as he doesn't become president, there isn't the same threat to national security, right?
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Re: Pure Paucity of Evidence...Its time to go after these Bastards
Reply #1 - 03/14/19 at 17:02:50
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It's a lie... Why would they back off investigating only because they thought he might not become president when they claim they were digging for info from the Russians against Hillary?   They only want to seek truth, stop crime, burn sources if he might become president?  Doesn't add up.

Also, as long as any info they get is TRUE, does it matter if they get it from the Russians?
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