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Normal Topic More democrat Hypocrisy!!!!!!! (Read 99 times)
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More democrat Hypocrisy!!!!!!!
04/14/19 at 10:52:24
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Virginia Democrats: We “Rushed to Judgment” on Gov. Northam

Well, well, well, what a surprise. Democrats, who are always eager to throw a Republican under the bus for any transgression against modern morals, no matter how minor or how far in the past they occurred, have concluded that Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam got a bad rap. Northam’s decision to more or less ignore the calls for him to step down paid off in dividends this week as Democrats in the state came out to say that their ol’ buddy, ol’ pal Northam did not deserve any of that bad press from a few months ago.
“There were a lot of life lessons,” said state Sen. Janet Howell. Asked which one was the most important, Howell said, “Don’t rush to judgment. I’m sorry we did.”
In February, an old yearbook photo came to light that appeared to show Northam either wearing blackface or a full KKK robe. It was on his page in the yearbook, leading anyone with a brain to conclude that he was one or the other. This was compounded by the fact that he quickly apologized for the picture, assuring Virginia voters that he’d made an error in judgement.
He reversed this apology, however, the next day, changing his story and insisting he wasn’t even in the photo and had no idea how it wound up on his yearbook page.

He did, however, volunteer that he once committed the grave sin of wearing blackface for a Michael Jackson costume.
Democrats, initially, condemned Northam and began calling on him to resign.
But then a weird thing happened. After a couple of other prominent Virginia Democrats got caught in scandals of their own…the whole thing just kind of disappeared. All of a sudden, no one cared anymore. People stopped talking about it. What was the outrage of the century one week was yesterday’s news the next. And now, apparently, Virginia Democrats are a little embarrassed that they ever brought it up to begin with.
“It was like a snowball coming at you, bigger and bigger and bigger,” Del. Patrick Hope said of the original ScandalMania that engulfed Virginia Democrats.
And then, much like a snowball, it simply melted. We guess that’s what happens when the media quickly moves on. We guess that’s what happens when the people pulling the political strings want everyone to just forget about it. We guess that’s what happens when a Democrat breaks the party’s own, hallowed laws of political correctness. You just make a big deal out of it for a couple of days, and then you go on about your business.
Wait, you didn’t really think Joe Biden was going to go down for all of that inappropriate touching, did you? Don’t make us laugh.
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