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Normal Topic Our Socialist Marxist at work in the Demo Party (Read 356 times)
Giles Johnson
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Our Socialist Marxist at work in the Demo Party
07/21/19 at 11:58:10
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Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) and his brother, Julian (currently in a doomed-to-fail race for the 2020 Democratic nomination) have been clear about one thing: They don’t want to remove illegal aliens from America. In fact, Julian wants to decriminalize the border, so that immigrants can freely pass into the U.S. without having to worry about inconveniences such as being held accountable for their actions. But while Joaquin Castro may not have any interest in actually removing illegal aliens, he is very interested in removing the phrase “illegal aliens” from the U.S. legal code.

“Words matter,” Castro said, quite correctly. “It’s vital that we respect the dignity of immigrants fleeing violence and prosecution in our language. The words ‘alien’ and ‘illegal alien’ work to demonize and dehumanize the migrant community. They should have no place in our government’s description of human beings.

“Immigrants come to our borders in good faith and work hard for the opportunity to achieve a better life for themselves and their family,” he continued. “Eliminating this language from government expression puts us one step closer to preserving their dignity and ensuring their safety.”

Castro is joined in his quest to change the language of the U.S. legal code by such all-American luminaries as Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

“No one is an ‘alien.’ This is family separation on a massive scale,” whined Omar on Twitter. “Dehumanizing immigrants and tearing apart families will not make us any stronger. It will only destroy lives, traumatize children, and make our country less safe.”

At a House committee meeting this month, Tlaib said: “First, no one is illegal. That term is derogatory now because it dehumanizes people. You can say any other forms of maybe ‘coming in without any regulations’ or so forth, but the use of ‘illegal’ is disrespectful and I ask my colleagues to try in so many ways to not dehumanize our immigrant neighbors who are trying to come in for safe haven.”

So there you have it. Democrats ARE committed to ending illegal immigration, make no mistake about it. They just want to go about it in a different way. Instead of actually stopping illegal immigrants from coming across the border, they just want to stop calling them “illegal immigrants.” They want to erase the entire IDEA of illegal immigration off the map of American consciousness and scrub it from the legal code. Presto-chango, our illegal immigration problem is solved!

Real geniuses, the Democrats.
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Re: Our Socialist Marxist at work in the Demo Party
Reply #1 - 07/21/19 at 12:17:54
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EVIL HAS BEEN HERE A LONG TIME AND MANY USE IT ON THEIR WAY TO THE HOT HOT PLACE IN HELL!!  They think it is HOT on earth...just wait til they meet their DEVIL!


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Canis Minor
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Re: Our Socialist Marxist at work in the Demo Party
Reply #2 - 07/22/19 at 06:25:15
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I, too, equate Socialism/Communism with Evil. The vast numbers of human beings enslaved and murdered by this ideology is astounding, makes Hitler's Reich look like a farm team. Yet, these morons continue to promote it...they are either stupid or Evil that's for sure.
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Re: Our Socialist Marxist at work in the Demo Party
Reply #3 - 07/22/19 at 06:34:16
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What do you expect from people named "Castro"?
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