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Normal Topic Red Flag Laws, or, How To Repeal the 2nd Amendment Soviet-Style (Read 414 times)
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Red Flag Laws, or, How To Repeal the 2nd Amendment Soviet-Style
08/14/19 at 08:39:42
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Red Flag Laws, or, How To Repeal The Second Amendment Soviet-Style Without A Pesky Vote

This is CRAZY folks:

No need to repeal, in fact, they will NOT repeal it!  WHY?  The answer is simple, we are not going to take away your RKBA rights, no not at all, see we still have the 2nd Amend.  Now as soon as you get better:

The FIRST time I hear Red Flag laws I knew exactly what they meant….you are crazy and we are going to put you in a rubber room for your own good.

Red Flag laws are on par with Hate Crime laws.  And while both sound good and play well to the general public the fact is it’s the GOVT that makes the definition of what RED Flag and Hate Crimes are.

A good reference for Hate Crime Laws and Red Flag laws is found in the BIBLE.  For 2000 years we have been making up rules by man that gives up those in charge control on you and what you do.

Of course, none of this will happen in the US…Salem Witch Trials!

Govts with support by the people have been doing this for over 2000 years why do we think anything is going to change.  It.

2 guys at a bar get into an argument at a bar it gets heated and the bartender tells them to leave.  The 2 guys know each other and not known to be enimies but have opposing political views.  They get into a fight and Whitey pulls out a gun and shoots Blackie and calls Obama the N-word.

Whitey gets charged with murder 1 and is booked by Dan-O.  Whitey is later charged by the FBI with a Hate Crime in addition to Murder 1.  Is Blackie anymore dead?  What precedent is established by this?  Several:  “Hate” is more of a crime than Murder 1! Hate is a crime only defined by faceless bureaucrats, lawyers, and judges.  Hate is what the GOVT says it is…we might note that HATE of Obama when he was in office could get you on a list, investigated by the FBI and the SS, and a whole bunch of stuff in spite of never any ACTION occurring!  But HATE of Trump is more than permissible, in fact, if you don’t HATE Trump then your are a Racist and White Supremacist!

Communism-Fascism-Socialism-Marxism alive, well and getting very healthy in Amerika today.

Red Flag Laws and Hate Crime laws will take down America, is a witches brew of Hate and Democide by our own Govt...

Don:  Got here thru God, Guns and Guts, I speak John Wayne, Johnny Cash and John Deere; this make ME: Christian, Conservative, Capitalist, Constitutionalist...any questions?
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Conservative's ForumConservative's Discussion ForumsConservative News Forum › Red Flag Laws, or, How To Repeal the 2nd Amendment Soviet-Style
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