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Hollywood Indoctrination
08/28/19 at 10:17:40
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Hello Everyone,
It's a pleasure to be here. I would like everyone's take and/or opinion on those who have children and are promoting a Conservative household. My question is how do we combat the Hollywood indoctrination that we see on TV shows and the films? I know as a young child I was very impressionable and was influenced by the TV at the time. Everything you see is threaded with post-modern leftist beliefs and it's concerning. From shows, simple movies, and an immature Taylor Swift it's a challenging thing to fight against.

Just wanted some opinions and advice.

Thank you all and be well!
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Re: Hollywood Indoctrination
Reply #1 - 08/28/19 at 11:40:43
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Welcome.  My two sons are all grown now, but they have come to see things in the same light as myself....that programs today on the stations are less talented as they used to be years ago.

(c)rap has become the modern thing that some are deluded with is actually music.  Sluts like Cosmetic Cardi B and others like her gain undeserving fame and get rich of off gullible teenyboppers.
Taylor Swift thinks the world revolves around her sorry arse.
Pete Davidson tells a college group to grow up when he acts like a demented child himself.

I'm just glad I grew up as a teen in the '60's into the '70's.
When music was actually music.  When movie stars were more
mature.  When movies actually deserved to have a sequel.
And when baseball was played for love of the sport more than love of the dollar.

I mainly watch History or National Geo channels and some sports.  I certainly am not interested in trash like Keeping Up with the (spoiled rich) Kardashians.  Are some peoples' lives that boring that they would pay attention to some reality shows like that?   Roll Eyes

If You're Here To Teach, Then You've Much To Learn
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Re: Hollywood Indoctrination
Reply #2 - 08/28/19 at 11:47:18
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   Like Bryd Who Flyes at Nyte my kids (3) are grown up and are parents*.  Our kids did not watch TV except when they stayed over at friends houses.
   Today all three greatly restrict their children exposure to that garbage.  The main thing all three parents do is get out of the house.  We do a lot of outdoors hiking, biking, walking, etc.

*7 grandkids
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