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How Leftist Policies Prevent Justice
09/10/19 at 04:10:59
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Last week I watched "Mindhunter" on Netflix. It is a pretty good series on the formation of the Behavioral Sciences Unit within the FBI. Long story short...they interview several serial killers, thrill killers and mass murderers to develop the science of criminal profiling.

Side note: One thing really p!ssed me off in the series...they had a psychologist on their team who was of course, a lesbian (you know how it is, no movie or show is complete without a gay angle). The second season spent way too much time focused on her lesbian relationship and it had absolutely NOTHING to do with the plot.

Anyway, back on topic. I remember this from our teachings at the police academy when we studied serial killers, and "Mindhunter" portrayed it pretty well:

In the second season, the FBI agent begins helping out with the Atlanta Child Murders and develops a profile. His profile pointed to a black male. Immediately, the black citizens, black mayor and black police commissioner immediately reject the profile. They were so focused on it being the KKK, or any other white man, that they turned a deaf ear to his input,

The community seemed more interested in focusing on someone white, than actually being concerned with catching the real perpetrator. The mayor and police commissioner basically told the FBI that the community would see his profile as racist and were worried about political backlash.

At one point, the mayor is speaking in a church to the community (I believe the real-life talk was at a public forum) about their efforts to find the killer. The community immediately started telling (screaming at him) the mayor that it was the Klan. They just absolutely WANTED it to be a white man.

We studied this in the police academy to 1. better understand how sociopaths and psychopaths work and 2. to understand how politics and preconceived notions can hinder an investigation.

Wayne B Williams was tried and convicted of the murders of two adults, but no charges were ever brought on him in reference to the fact NO ONE has been tried for the murder of the children. Williams insists on his innocence...and the community still demands that the cases be looked into again, but the truth is, there was fiber and biological evidence recovered that pointed to Williams as the murderer. Another noteworthy occurrence - the child murders fitting the M.O. stopped after his arrest.

BTW - It is still going on. This year, the mayor of Atlanta ordered the case reopened. In addition, the families of the victims also insist that it was not Wayne Williams that committed the murders.

The politics of race and leftist beliefs is 100% about knee jerk reactions and the inability to admit they are mistaken.

Here are some interesting reports that keep getting buried in "feel-good" politics:

"Former FBI profiler John E. Douglas wrote in his book Mindhunter that, in his opinion, "forensic and behavioral evidence points conclusively to Wayne Williams as the killer of eleven young men in Atlanta."
(Douglas wrote the book, and the main character of "Mindhunter" is based on him)

"In 2007, the FBI performed DNA tests on two human hairs found on one of the victims. The mitochondrial DNA sequence in the hairs would eliminate 99.5% of persons by not matching their DNA. The mitochondrial DNA sequence in the hairs would eliminate 98% of African American persons by not matching their DNA. However, they matched Williams' DNA and so did not eliminate the possibility that the hairs were his."

But of course, since the FBI is all about the liberal agenda now, they are trying to poke holes in their own investigation.

I figure they want it to be someone whits so bad, they are going to bend any and all evidence to point that direction.
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