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Normal Topic Wayne Allyn Root: The Trump economic miracle vexes liberals (Read 242 times)
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Wayne Allyn Root: The Trump economic miracle vexes liberals
12/08/19 at 15:03:15
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I got a kick out of a letter to the editor in the Review-Journal about my last column. It was from another bitter liberal — Is there any other kind? — complaining that I’m a liar. The writer argued that President Donald Trump’s economy is not so great and said it’s actually worse than the economy under either Barack Obama or Jimmy Carter.

This just shows that the more liberals say, the better Trump looks to voters.

The November jobs report came out Friday. Set aside the fact that Trump has produced one of the greatest stock markets in history; that gross domestic product is far above its pace during the administrations of Obama or Carter, who both produced disastrous economies that nearly destroyed the middle class; that 3.5 percent unemployment is the lowest in 50 years; that the highest number of Americans are working in history; and that black and Latino unemployment is the lowest in history.

The latest jobs report is better news than all of that.

There were 266,000 jobs created in November. That’s 79,000 jobs more than economists expected … in a month. The number of jobs was also revised upward by 41,000 for the two preceding months.

Manufacturing jobs soared by 54,000 in November, the biggest monthly gain since 1998.

Wages were up 3.1 percent. That’s the 16th month in a row wages are up 3 percent or higher. Ask any worker if a bigger paycheck for 16 months in a row matters. I dare you.

CNBC called it “a blowout jobs report.” It also reported, “You can’t contradict these are the best numbers of our lives.” CNN said, “A couple of generations of people have not seen this kind of unemployment rate continue to be that low.” Fox Business reported, “This is one of the best reports. … What a way to end the decade, on this report, it’s outstanding.”

So, I ask all my readers, who is the delusional one?

I don’t need to wait for an answer. Just look at the latest Rasmussen presidential approval poll. It was already a robust 49 percent for Trump before the latest impeachment hearing on Wednesday. That’s when Democrats trotted out a bunch of America-hating, capitalism-hating, Ivy League law school professors to testify in front of the nation.

Smart move. This group makes even Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren seem likable.

The very next day, Trump’s approval soared to 52 percent — just a smidge below the highest of his presidency. Those law professors made quite an impression. I’m surprised Democrats didn’t trot out used car salesmen and dentists.

On Friday, Trump’s approval was 51 percent — significantly above where Obama was on the same day of his presidency — even though Trump has faced overwhelmingly negative news coverage.

Among white voters Trump’s approval is positive, 53 percent to 46 percent. Among male voters it’s positive, 59 percent to 40 percent. And, most shocking, Trump’s approval rating is 31 percent among black voters.

It’s clear what voters think about President Trump and the economy. It’s clear who they believe and who they think is lying. But please keep the angry, delusional liberal letters to the editor coming. You’re making my job so much easier.

I’m honored to report I received an invitation from President Trump to visit the White House next week. I’ll be sure to say congratulations and thank you from all the Nevadans who have good jobs, higher wages and far higher retirement accounts thanks to his policies.

All I can say is, the Trump economic miracle is the best revenge.

Contact Wayne Allyn Root at Hear or watch the nationally syndicated “Wayne Allyn Root Show” from 3 to 6 p.m. daily at 790 AM and at 5 p.m. every night on Newsmax TV (Cox cable channel 96).
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Re: Wayne Allyn Root: The Trump economic miracle vexes liberals
Reply #1 - 12/08/19 at 16:55:29
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That's libtards for ya just plain braindead!
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Jerk in a Hawaiian Shirt

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Re: Wayne Allyn Root: The Trump economic miracle vexes liberals
Reply #2 - 12/08/19 at 16:58:39
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Ya just cannot deny success.

USS Independence, USS Enterprise, NTC Great Lakes.  Royal Order of the Bluenose, Royal Order of the Rock, Shellback. Surface Warfare. "... And any man who may be asked ... what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction: 'I served in the United States Navy." John F. Kennedy.   US Navy, fighting Radical Islamic Extremism since 1801.
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Re: Wayne Allyn Root: The Trump economic miracle vexes liberals
Reply #3 - 12/08/19 at 19:32:30
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TiredRetired wrote on 12/08/19 at 16:58:39:
Ya just cannot deny success. 

Yes they can … and do. But after all they're libs so it's to be expected.

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Re: Wayne Allyn Root: The Trump economic miracle vexes liberals
Reply #4 - 12/09/19 at 09:51:24
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Even the democrats who graduated college, can NOT do math.

They are constantly telling us 2 + 2 = 22.  Embarrassed

I think that is why they are always trying to increase spending.

People like AOC think there is an unlimited supply of money in government hands.

To the OP's point, in the last year of Obama one liberal said; "if you add the four quarters of GDP you get a geat GDP for the  last year of Obama".  Grin

As Trump once said, the media are the ENEMY of the people because the media are complicit in the democrat lie campaign.

(The Media uses Goebbels) "This is the secret of propaganda: Those who are to be persuaded by it should be completely immersed in the ideas of the propaganda, without ever noticing that they are being immersed in it."
~Joseph Goebbels

WAPO is official media of ISIS

Democrat Hoax List:
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