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A Nation at the Crossroads: The Views of an American Citizen - The United States is a nation facing a profound and fundamental decision - Who are we going to be? The greatest threat to America's enduring legacy of self-determination, self-reliance, and personal responsibility is the people themselves. The crux of our democratic republic is an active, informed, and responsible citizenry.

A True Christian Perspective - A Christian Conservative look at politics and current events.

Ace of Spades Comments - Sometimes prolific posting on Conservative politics and current events, intermingled with whatever else may pop into my head

Alt Right - Website dedicated to the Alt Right political movement. News and opinions for an Alt Right perspective.

Amateur Historian - Using World History to comment on the World Events of the Day.

America Ad Nauseam - A conservative libertarian's take on politics, pop culture, and all things American.

America's Most Influential Conservative Blog - America's Most Influential Conservative blog.

America, You Asked For It! - Political news and commentary from the Right.

American Clarion - News and opinion with American values coming through loud and clear

American Politics and Principles - The e-book "American Politics and Principles: Liberalism and Conservatism Revealed" compares and contrasts the two political ideologies. The chapters include:1. Social Responsibility,2. The Economy, 3.The War on Terrorism,4. Foreign Policy, 5.National Security, 6.Values, Character, and Moral Issues, 7.America's Role in the World, 8. Energy, 9. Judicial Decisions, 10. The Environment, 11.Education, 12. Culture, Entertainment and the Media,13.Religion, 14.American Politics,15.Medicine and Health, 16.Immigration, 17.Patriotism, and 18.American Government. 234 pages.

Awaken the Elephants - Conservative website and blog containing daily updated articles, a mission of the week, video archives, and a daily blog with a bit of sarcasm.

Backward Times - A right-side-up news magazine, focusing on Christian Conservative American values.

Chains of the Constitution - Commentary from a Christian/Constitutionalist perspective

Colley's: God, Family, Country.... - As a wife, mother, and grandmother who is shocked at what is happening to the United States of America since Barack Obama won the Presidential election, I blog about whatever is happening in the political arena that will make a negative impact on my family and/or country--which is almost every day!

Commitment With America - Commitment with America is the name of the political plan GOP leaders plan to unveil as the successor to their 1994 Contract With America. The website/blog is dedicated to the conservative movement and the upcoming November elections.

Confessions of an Oppo Researcher - This blog is devoted to assessing and evaluating vulnerable candidates in upcoming elections. Author is a Political consultant specializing in opposition research for republican candidates at the local, state, and federal level. SuperPAC oppo.

Conservative Bent - Conservative Bent is a human edited directory that caters to the conservative lifestyle offering categories covering politics, religion, family, finance and education.

Conservative Blog Watch - Monitoring Conservatives Blogs. Looking for a quick way to review latest Headlines from the top 100+ conservative blogs?

Conservative Me - My thoughts as a conservative on today's news.

Conservative Resources - Offering a centralized resource to counter the liberal/leftist/socialist baloney that permeates and dominates the mainstream media... and some brilliant columns by me.

Conservative State of America - CSA is a community of Constitutional Conservatives who are pro-active in bringing conservatism back to the Republican Party. We are pro-active is saving our country from the slippery slope of socialism that is the agenda of the Obama administration. We provide you with the news you won't find in the mainstrean media. We also have the information you need to get active in keeping our elected officials in check. - Progressive fascists will lead you because you need them to. Because you protest is proof that the seculars must guide you for your own good.

Deconstructing The News - A common sense blog in a world of liberals.

Dissenting Opinions - Conservative news and policy analysis

Don't Spread My Wealth - A fiscally conservative news and information site

Donovan Talk - politics. quick. clear. conservative.

Drug Wonks - is the web log of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest (CMPI), a forum offering rigorous and compelling research on the most critical issues affecting current drug policy.

Elect Sarah Palin Conservative Blog - Elect Sarah Palin News and Political Blog.

Evidently Not - Rediscovering the Foundations of Conservatism

Freedom First - Politics, Economics and Religion – The Three Vices of Humanity

Freedom for America - A site for conservatives by conservatives dedicated to preserving individual rights and liberties and halting this runaway federal government,and returning our country back to its original greatness.

Full Boar 5280-The Antidote to Tyranny - This is a website design to show support true Conservatives. I use my blog to defend liberty and the power of the individual.

George's Axe - The ranting of a tortured conservative.

Ignored Reality - Political Commentary from writers that are definitely provocative but ALWAYS correct.

Jerry the Pilot - Official blogsite of the novel "THE TEA PARTY PATRIOT." The blog is about the book, conservative politics, and whatever else interests me.

Liberally Challenged - A site where conservatives gather, and share articles and information

Libertas - A conservative blog about law and politics, writen by someone who believes in limited government and a free economy.

Meet Me Under the Liberty Tree - Restoring America by spreading liberty

Mrs. Right Politics - This is the most interesting blog by a woman on conservative politics in the blogosphere!

Nachumlist - A continuous record of the Obama administration. The list is kept chronologically dating from the first day in office. Various scandals are kept in separate lists. A resource tool for conservatives.

Normal Thinking - Blog from a conservative viewpoint covering US politics. Amateur conservative bloggers are welcome to submit articles.

Obama's False Hope - One angry high school teacher trying to convince Americans to return to a true conservative politics based on morality and Christian values

Obiter Dictum--An American - Observations about everything, but mostly politics.

Oligogracy - an oligarchy composed of demagogues. This blog focuses on the failed politics employed by a political class that is out of touch with the ideologies and constituents they claim to represent.

Patriot Statesman - Fresh conservative commentary on a wide range of topics from politics and culture to religion and family.

Political Ears - Keeping Our Ears To The Ground - Conservative leaning political website

Rantburger - Converted blue state democrat who has found the bright shining light of Conservatism through an authentic and personal journey.

ReaganGirl's Blog - The New American Feminism as defined by a Colorado gal who defies the liberal stereotypes of women who hold traditional values and patriotism near and dear.

Right of Center America - How fiscal responsibility can solve America's biggest challenges. solutions for the deficit, education, health care, and the environment.

Rightly Wired - Conservative commentary for the Millennial Generation.

RobTagEnt's Personal Home Page - My personal web site with articles and editorial regarding todays political and social issues. Also includes a few products and service links that I am associated with.

Scriptspot - Scriptspot weaves together a tapestry of current issues, biblical thought, language, and images. I have based it on the firm belief that we each matter and can affect the world around us by paying humble attention to God, to our nation, to those whose lives touch ours.

Sin City Ramblings - One man's conservative rants and opinions.

Sistervative - Two conservative sisters, motivated by the country’s diminishing traditional values, have decided to transition their casual dialogue into a public forum.

South Dakota War College - South Dakota's #1 Political web site. News and commentary on South Dakota politics from a conservative Republican point of view. Since February 2005.

Texas GOP Vote - Our mission is to restore, renew, and reunite the Texas GOP Vote.

The Augur's Well - An entertaining look at current events from a conservative point of view. Includes original articles, polls, and links to the best sites on the web.

The Classic Liberal Blog - Commentary and opinion on politics, economics, business and society in the classic liberal tradition of our Founding Fathers.

The Conscious Conservative - Raising the consciousness of modern conservative talk.

The Conservative Food Blog - A conservative, tradition-friendly, trend-averse perspective on food, food issues, wine, cooking, and eating.

The Conservative Nation - Conservative Thoughts From A Conservative Nation

The Conservative Path - A website of conservative principles and republican ideas, devoted toward sharing the insights that may, in some small way, help true lovers of liberty to navigate a conservative path into a bewildering future.

The Conservative Rant - "A monthly informative comment on the current political issues of the United States. An educational, humorous take on news events and government policies with conservative opinions and proposals."

The Conservative Wife - A no holds barred commentary for the liberals and progressives following 0bama in his quest to destroy America

The Cranky Housewife - Political, social and faith-based discussions from a Cranky Housewife. Mission:To promote political activism within traditional conservative communities

The Fairfax County Conservative Examiner - A conservative viewpoint from a Public Relations expert and campaign veteran living near Washington, DC.

The Freedom Medium - The Freedom Medium promotes Individualist philosophy, Conservative politics, Capitalist economics, and a Federalist government.

The Mad Dawgg Manifesto - Conservatarian Rantings from the Depths of Cyberspace...

The Patriot Byte - Welcome to The Patriot Byte. I am behind enemy lines here on the left coast. I hope you enjoy my unique perspective on our current events. Please feel free to leave comments.

The Political Commentator - Conservative opinion, commentary and analysis on issues and events around the globe that have the potential to affect us all! Specific attention is paid to U.S. national defense, foreign policy and national politics and politicians.

The Politics of Privelege and Disdain - Commentary and Analysis on the ideas, goals and actions of PCEES [Privileged Connected Enlightened Exempted Statists]

The Sideways Thinker - Conservative opinions from someone who thinks a little differently than most.

The Silent No More Majority - A blog of conservative beliefs from the viewpoint of an active duty United States Marine who believes strongly in the preservation of our Constitution

The Southern Sessions - A southern woman's outlook on politics,news,humor and religion.

The Two Minute Conservative - Short pieces for opinion page editors and on-air topic intros for radio and TV hosts. Give us two minutes and when you speak ladies will swoon and gentlemen will weep.

The Washington Outsider - The Washington Outsider is dedicated to independent political analysis and truly open discussion on public policies, the news, and social issues.

TheDailySoupSandwich - Commentary from the right side

Twins Opinion - The mainstream media has gone to extreme measures to bombard the younger generation with their liberal ideology hoping that some of it would be absorbed. As twin brothers, we have come together as a team to hopefully provide information and a different perspective to the issues that not only face our generation today, but most importantly, how they will affect our future.

Unique Point of View - The posted description is: "this site is dedicated to educational facts and opinions."It is a commercial free website that has been in operation for almost 7 years.

Vanguard - Blog...from a middle class man...disgusted with the left...

Voting American - Voting American political blog.

Weird Republic - Weird Republic is a whipping post for fools and scoundrels. These hundreds of funny and impassioned essays are one conservative Mensa member’s reflections on celebrity cop killers, racial racketeers, fact-challenged feminists, junk science hoaxers, jackbooted schoolmarms, homicidal jihadists, the torture-squad commander who invented Kwanzaa, and so much more. The author asks that you “Think of me as a beat cop with a pencil handing out rough justice to the enemies of time-tested American virtues.”

You Say Obama Nation I Say Abomination - Conservative doing my part to counter the State Run Media monster.

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