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Scriptspot - Scriptspot weaves together a tapestry of current issues, biblical thought, language, and images. I have based it on the firm belief that we each matter and can affect the world around us by paying humble attention to God, to our nation, to those whose lives touch ours.

Sin City Ramblings - One man's conservative rants and opinions.

Texas GOP Vote - Our mission is to restore, renew, and reunite the Texas GOP Vote.

The Augur's Well - An entertaining look at current events from a conservative point of view. Includes original articles, polls, and links to the best sites on the web.

The Classic Liberal Blog - Commentary and opinion on politics, economics, business and society in the classic liberal tradition of our Founding Fathers.

The Conservative Nation - Conservative Thoughts From A Conservative Nation

The Conservative Rant - "A monthly informative comment on the current political issues of the United States. An educational, humorous take on news events and government policies with conservative opinions and proposals."

The Cranky Housewife - Political, social and faith-based discussions from a Cranky Housewife. Mission:To promote political activism within traditional conservative communities

The Fairfax County Conservative Examiner - A conservative viewpoint from a Public Relations expert and campaign veteran living near Washington, DC.

The Freedom Medium - The Freedom Medium promotes Individualist philosophy, Conservative politics, Capitalist economics, and a Federalist government.

The Mad Dawgg Manifesto - Conservatarian Rantings from the Depths of Cyberspace...

The Patriot Byte - Welcome to The Patriot Byte. I am behind enemy lines here on the left coast. I hope you enjoy my unique perspective on our current events. Please feel free to leave comments.

The Political Commentator - Conservative opinion, commentary and analysis on issues and events around the globe that have the potential to affect us all! Specific attention is paid to U.S. national defense, foreign policy and national politics and politicians.

The Sideways Thinker - Conservative opinions from someone who thinks a little differently than most.

The Silent No More Majority - A blog of conservative beliefs from the viewpoint of an active duty United States Marine who believes strongly in the preservation of our Constitution

The Southern Sessions - A southern woman's outlook on politics,news,humor and religion.

The Two Minute Conservative - Short pieces for opinion page editors and on-air topic intros for radio and TV hosts. Give us two minutes and when you speak ladies will swoon and gentlemen will weep.

The Washington Outsider - The Washington Outsider is dedicated to independent political analysis and truly open discussion on public policies, the news, and social issues.

TheDailySoupSandwich - Commentary from the right side

Twins Opinion - The mainstream media has gone to extreme measures to bombard the younger generation with their liberal ideology hoping that some of it would be absorbed. As twin brothers, we have come together as a team to hopefully provide information and a different perspective to the issues that not only face our generation today, but most importantly, how they will affect our future.

Unique Point of View - The posted description is: "this site is dedicated to educational facts and opinions."It is a commercial free website that has been in operation for almost 7 years.

Vanguard - Blog...from a middle class man...disgusted with the left...

Voting American - Voting American political blog.

You Say Obama Nation I Say Abomination - Conservative doing my part to counter the State Run Media monster.

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