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A Voice in the Storm - A fiscal conservative's take on public institution reform. Irreverent but well researched.


America in the Middle by: Nathan Hagman - "America in the Middle" is a book for those who wish to preserve the founding principles of America, and shows from a historical view where we have been, and where we are heading.

Arkansas Republican Assemblies - Home of social, moral & fiscal Conservative Arkansans who believe in God, family & country and who are working together to strengthen & to uphold moral & traditional family values,principles & ideals

Asian Conservatives - Opinions and commentaries from Asian conservatives.

Be Sure You're Right, Then Go Ahead - News,Commentary,Political Humor,Parodies

Behind Enemy Lines Radio - Behind Enemy Lines is an award-winning radio show / podcast broadcasting out of "The People's Republic of" New York City as part of the Red Nation Rising Radio Network! It's also available on iTunes, iHeartRadio & other networks across the internet.

Blasted Fools - We go after fascists, marxists, progressives, partisan hacks, corrupt legislators. banksters, bail out bandits, dictators, globalists, criminal mobs, race card mongers, the GLBT political agenda, Islamic fanatics & countless other scoundrels.

Capitol Commentary - A common sense analysis of today's political topics from a Conservative perspective.

Chuck Thinks Right - A primarily political and entirely right leaning blog. Chuck is a right of center Republican, a supporter of President Bush, and is unashamedly proud to be an American. He blogs on politics, liberal bias in the media, world events and pop culture.

Citizens for the California Republic - State Senator Tom McClintock founded Citizens for the California Republic (CFCR) to continue his fight to restore the fundamental American principle of freedom in California’s political debate.Tom McClintock is the most recognized and popular conservative leader in California today. At the close of his 2006 campaign for Lt. Governor, more than 80 percent of California’s public had heard of him and viewed him favorably by a three-to-one margin.

Civil Candor - Civil Candor explores political news and events using government facts and figures to dispute the truth of what politicians are telling us.

ClaysAmerica - Short 30 second articles to generate thought on issues related to America's founding and its political and economic structure. Very much a classic liberal site.

Commitment With America - Commitment with America is the name of the political plan GOP leaders plan to unveil as the successor to their 1994 Contract With America. The website/blog is dedicated to the conservative movement and the upcoming November elections. Please make comments. Please visit the website

Conscientious Equity - Mr. Asbury’s blog is quickly becoming a favorite on-line destination for visitors who share his passion for small business entrepreneurship and the benefits of expanding the U.S. role in global commerce. His advocacy has taken him to address the United Nations at the Commission of Trade and Development, as well as frequent speaking engagements at Universities, Government Events and Trade Associations.

Conservative Black Voices - Giving a voice to conservative African Americans who are often silenced with conservative commentary on politics, health, and spiritual inspiration for the soul.

Conservative Blog - A conservative blog that disects the left and constantly bashes them for their idioicies.

Conservative Californian - A website that discusses conservative topics relating to California.

Conservative Daily News - A team of Conservative citizen journalists write news, opinion and analysis on today's most critical issues.

Conservative Ed - Welcome to Conservative Ed. We have developed this conservative blog to educate it's readers about what it really means to be conservative.

Conservative News Source - Conservative news source, news from conservative web sites and blogs.

Conservative News You Can Trust - The Sound Of Sanity In An Insane World.

Conservative Politics - Conservative politics delivered on a columnist platform through with commentary provided by Clifford Bryan a black conservative political writer who offers a refreshing spin on right wing commentary .

Conservative Politics Today - A political blog, with a conservative point of view.

Conservative Refocus - Conservative Refocus is a Weekly WebColumn which intends to bring to light what Conservatism is and how it can be applied to the problems that we--as a People--face.

Crazy Forum - "Crazy politics, crazy sports, crazy crime, crazy disease and crazy art. All of the good things in one place from four mooks who should know better.

Cullturism - Culturism is a philosophy that says we must prioritize and protect our culture. Diversity exists, Western Civilization is different. Taking our history and differences seriously are key.


Dakota Voice - News and commentary without the liberal bias. Usually from a Christian worldview perspective

David Limbaugh - David Limbaugh, conservative blog, Christian, and media issues.

Digital Press - Current events discussions

Drudge Report - News from Matt Drudge.

Ebola Outbreak Map - EbolaOutbreakMap.Com tracks Ebola in the united states. Thousands are being monitored for Ebola right now. Many states are building new ebola treatment facilities for west African in Minnesota, Boston, Washington, Texas and more states. West African tourists keep coming into the United States exposed to Ebola. Be informed know where Ebola is at. New Jersey a West African tourist with high fever vomited at busy gas station hazmat crew was called out.New York west African tourists has fever July 28, 2015

Ed Martin Online - Conservative columnist and commentator.

Enemies Domestic - Political animations.

Fightin Words Podcast - Thoughtful, real, and fearless commentary on the news of the week. We cover politics, society, culture, and religion from a traditional conservative perspective, minus the party lines and false left-right paradigm. Based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, each episode contains a segment of local focus, but remains relevant to a broader audience. Comments are welcome. Also check out our companion blog at

Following Harriet - A blog written by a Conservative Black American to stimulate & re-educate people, specifically minorities, by introducing true history & focusing on the historical roles of Black Americans. Current events & news stories are also covered.

For My Country - Patriotic blog.

Go Tell It On A Mountain - Sugarcoating is not used in this little pocket of the world. Yes, I love Mahalia Jackson. But I don't have "the" mountain to tell it on. Just "a" mountain. My mountain. And I'm going to go tell it on here. Norm de la Storm

Hollywood Libs - A blog where conservative-minded individuals can voice their views in response to a liberal Hollywood and media.

Independent Living News - Independent Living News is America's exclusive private intelligence advisory for a growing national community of savvy individualists. Law-abiding Americans' one-stop shop for attaining all aspects of smarter, greater self-reliance in modern times. And with it a higher quality of stress-free living amidst dangerous social, political and economic trends.

Inside Liberals - A conservative blog that talks about the things that not only the liberal media won't but the things that other conservative blogs are afraid to.

Is This The Change We Need? - Can Obama keep his promises? Will he bring the "Change We Need" as he so vehemently promised? Also the only website Google Search returns for "This Day in Western Civilization"

Jarrett's Blog - Conservative blog

Kevin McClarty Speaks Out: A Moderate's Core Beliefs - A conservative-leaning moderate describes his core beliefs on a number of hot button issues from gun control to the Bill of Rights. He also describes what a moderate is and is not. A good, tidy site.

Latinos and Americans United - We are a group of Latino and non-Latino Americans who are determined to protect our Constitutional rights, Freedoms and American Way of Life as it was conceived by the Founding Fathers and defended by those that came before us.

Liberty and Pride - Dedicated to preserving The Constitution, individual liberties, and freedom. We must stand against tyranny, or we will surely lose our freedom!

Living Documents - This is a blog of a woman's journey to return to college to obtain a higher education in IT, with an ultimate goal of cyber security to protect the USA Republic. In this quest, she begins by reading the Living Documents and blogs what she learns. She also comments on politics and news when she has a strong reaction to her research.

M4 Tank Brigade online game - Tank Brigade World War II tank games with explosive gameplay, historically accurate terrains, battlegrounds of Ardennes Forest. battle with 10 different World War II combat vehicles, including Shermans, Pershings, and the intimidating Panzer tanks!

Michael Johns - Public policy and industry leader Michael Johns, a former White House speechwriter, Heritage Foundation policy analyst and award-winning, widely-read conservative writer, provides periodic analysis on global affairs, the economy and other topics.

Moore Common Sense - A conservative political blog from DC insiders.

Mr. Forman's Planet - Designed to assist interested students of American life to better understand public policy, government, politics, and culture in America. This includes my own occasional musings, articles, and books; all time “must read” articles on a range of topics, links to what I think are the best web sites, and weekly “must read” recommendations.

New Centurion SPQA - The Centurion keeps watch over and protects traditional American values, espouses responsible fiscal policies and embraces the U.S. Constitution as intended.

Newt Gingrich - Newt Gingrich organization for public policy and conservative issues.

Notoriously Conservative - A humorous look at everything from politics to market economics, from a conservative perspective.

Opine du Jour - next2cents - conservative opinions regarding the present state of America and restoring the Constitution

Out of Order the blog - Editorial cartoon blog from a Christian conservative world view.

Patriot Gazette - Conservative news dedicated to shinning the light of truth on the LIBERAL LEFT

Patriot Nationalist Movement - Christian Americans organizing to save and restore America - Where Politics Collide

Political Debate Blog - Watching the political happenings of America from a stylish glass desk

Political Fever Forums - A new Political Forum, join today. :)

Political Parody - Political Parody, We the People. Conservative cartoons about current political issues and news.

Politically Incorrect Fun - A source of right-center comedy and satire

Politics, Islamism and more... - I dare to go where political correctness won't!

Promise of America - We shine a light on our elected officials, holding them accountable to us, the people. We will call them out when they are not abiding by the Constitution and attempt to explain how their words or actions differ from the intent of our founders.

Real American Jeans - Economic Stimulus? You can start right here at Real American Jeans. Jeans have always been a staple of the times but with your help American Made Jeans will never go out of style. Have a Great time Shopping American.

Right Bias - Rightbias provides provocative articles and a conduit to conservative news, Breaking News, Media News, Political Humor, media, sports News, culture news, studies etc.

Rush Limbaugh Fan Website, & Forum - get your very own rush limbaugh email address.write on the rush limbaugh Conservative News and Opinion - is primarily a conservative news aggregator bring the newest headlines and opinion from America and beyond.

Stop Obama - A website that a seeks to reveal Obama is not Moderate or honest.

THE VOICE! - THE VOICE is a brand new political debate forum. Conservatives and liberals needed and welcome. Huge Arcade Room and great Shout Box. Its all free, join today.

The Armchair Historian - I'm an ethical pragmatist and American patriot who takes the long view.

The Barack Obama Watch - daily anaylsis and grading of Barack's ongoing performance

The Burkean Conservative - Classical Conservatism for a New Day

The Conservative Post - You've read the news... now get the conservative side of the story. Cutting edge, irreverant conservative blog.

The Conservative Rebellion - A Conservative Poetry Blog

The Conservative Voice of America - Dedicated to exploring the differences in Liberal, and Conservative views, occasionally as seen through the eyes of a six year old grandson.

The Daily Pamphlet - Conservative Opinions And Thoughtful Discourse

The Dirty Conservative - Conservative news, politics, and discussion.

The Fibbler - An online conservative publication covering politics in a satirical fashion. It mocks left-wing ideology and pop culture on a daily basis.

The Gadfly - A philosophical/historical slant on current events and politics.

The Gettin after Lefty Show - Hard hitting political commentary, shinning the light of truth on the Liberal/Socialist left. Liberals beware this show might hurt your feelings.

The Highly Esteemed Weekly Frog - The mothership of political discussion. If we're not talking about it someone else probably is. Pull up a leopard and make yourself comfy. The leather gramaphone is playing the latest edition of the Weekly Frog...let's do it!

The Old Sailor's Deck Log - I'm an old sailor that would like to see Americans support America rather than siding with our enemies.

The Political Frog - That's right dear reader. The Political Frog comes to you live from the Napolean Rooms, Epping forrest. The worlds greatest Political Website...ever.

The Politics of Privilege and Disdain - Thought, opinion, and analysis of the self-congratulatory, self-exempting, and self-interested behaviors and impact of America's most successful interest group --- the privileged progressives.

The Republican Forum -™ is THE place for news, politics, and lively debate! Let the Republican Forum be your one stop shop for discussing current issues, being completely informed about News and Politics, and conducting Political Research!

The Right Slant - The site is dedicated to limited government, market economics, individual liberty, and, foremost, traditionally Christian values.

The Right Wing - Conservative & Anti-Obama T-shirts, Bumper Stickers, Hats and more.

TheGOPNet - News and information for conservatives.

Today's Politics by Freedomlover - A look at today's politics from a uniquely midwestern perspective.

US Defense Watch - News, Opinion and Analysis on: US military operations, readiness and policy; US intelligence operations; US foreign policy; Pentagon fraud, waste and abuse.

US Politics' Guide - United States Political Guide to Blogs, Forums, Polls, News, Radio, Humor, Speeches, History, Theory. Left, Right & everything in between.

Views About Issues - Conservative blog covering all the latest political issues.

Viper's Vietnam Veterans Pages - This is an updated URL to a page you already have listedViper's Vietnam Veterans Pages

Wall Builders - Historian David Barton uses his knowledge and faith to link historical documents to current political events.

Warmal Globing: The Ligher Side of Global Warming - An amusing look at the warnings, tne contradictions, and the junk science that have led to global climate change hysteria - Our site is dedicated to keeping America the greatest country in the world by holding our politicians to conservative values, keeping the framework of a constitutional government based on personal freedom and the ability to live how we see fit.

Web Today - Conservative News and Christian Daily Newsoften unreported or underreported by the World News RIM ("Reality Impaired Media") - It's a social networking site for conservatives.

What they're not saying - This is a new blog that will regularly publish new essays concerning current issues and ideas in our country. Anyone is welcome to visit. Please vote in the polls, subscribe to new essays, and invite your friends. - I use this site to post on a variety of political and business topics and as an archive for articles or comments published in print or on other web sites.

preciseNews - Web 2.0 Breaking News & Colorful Commentary Every Few Minutes (24/7) featuring the best and latest for breaking news, information & conservative opinion pieces including the latest from the right side of the blogosphere, politics & election coverage.

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