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800poundgorillamedia - Obama is paying his lawyers to hide his birth certificate. We have the evidence, which the MSM is hiding. Join in our MEDIA BLITZ to conservative talk show hosts, as we challenge them to speak up. A Constitutional crisis is brewing. Know the facts!

A Whittle Bit of Commentary - Chad Whittle is the host of daily audio commentaries on the news, politics, religion, pop culture issues of the day all from a young, Conservative & Christian viewpoint & the ChadCast that interviews Conservative celebrities & more.

Mark Levin Fan - Mark Levin fans of the Mark Levin radio show.

The Monks Media Radio Network - Join us every Thursday night for a political and current events talk show via Indiana's #1 internet radio station, The Monks Media Radio Network every Thursday at 9:00PM Hosts, Sean Cole, Jeff Monks and guest host; Political columnist and satirist, Jerry Burk strive to renew our country's Conservative roots and values.

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