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November 30th, 2007

Let’s examine our choice in candidates. We have a very divided republican party right now and that can lead this country to disaster. I’m going to look at them in no particular order. I believe we, and that means each of us, are going to have to sacrifice some of our principals if we are to keep the socialists out of the White House with their continued control of Congress.

Socialism is a cancer that has been developing since the Kennedys came to power and the torch has been passed to two even more dangerous people, Bill and Hillary Clinton. It has become increasingly clear that the candidate of that couple is actually Bill Clinton. He is hoping to sweep his way into the White House by becoming “First Husband”. Who can honestly say Bill Clinton would not be in a joint Presidency with Hillary if she is elected. These two have been calculating this since Bill left office.

Mike Huckabe

This man is what we term as a “compassionate conservative”. In other words he is a social liberal on most issues other than abortion. He claims to be a fiscal conservative yet his record as governor of Arkansas tells a very different story. I find it suprising that a preacher could attempt to twist words into actual lies. He claims to have cut taxes during his term when, in fact, he actually raised taxes by twisting tax bills around.

Following is a quote from concerning his “tax cuts”:

The former Arkansas governor is fond of saying – in debates, on his Web site and in that Nov. 18 Fox News interview – that he cut taxes “almost 94 times in my state.” (On his site, he rounds up to “nearly 100 times,” adding that he saved “the people of Arkansas almost $380 million.”)

That turns out to be far from the whole story. The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration found that 90 tax cuts were enacted in legislative sessions from 1997 through 2005, while Huckabee was governor, and those cuts reduced tax revenues by $378 million. But Huckabee fails to mention the 21 tax increases that occurred under his watch and that raised revenues by substantially more. The total net tax increase under Huckabee’s tenure was an estimated $505.1 million, says the Department of Finance and Administration’s Whitney McLaughlin, adding that the figure has been adjusted for inflation.
Now let’s look at his spending record he claims to have decreased:
When we talked to Mike Stormes, the administrator of the Office of Budget for the state of Arkansas, we discovered a different story. In fact, after adjusting for inflation, we found that spending in fiscal year 1998 (the first budget for which Huckabee was responsible) was actually $10.4 billion, while spending at the end of 2006 was $15.6 billion. That’s a big increase.
He also comes out in favor of the amnesty bill and giving te dependents of illegal aliens entitlements while not being in favor of giving the dependents of our soldiers special entitlements. He claims the illegals need to be assimilated into our society when, in fact, they should be back in Mexico along with their parents.
Is Huckabee a likeable man? Of course and he is a good Christian and compassionate man but I do not believe this is the kind of man we need leading the nation.

Rudy Giuliani
His claim to fame is curtailing crime and lowering taxes while serving as mayor of New York City. Granted, crime and taxes did lower during his term but the fact he fails to remind everyone is he inherited the declines. He took office in 1994 but the crime rate actually began to decline in 1991 meaning the program was already in place when his tenure began. He merely kept it in place.
Now, he did cut taxes but not as much as he claims. Of the twenty three tax cuts he takes credit for eight of those were initiated by the state of New York, not Giuliani. Another tax cut the state legislature passed he was opposed to. He did cut taxes by $5.4 billion but that is just over half of the $9.0 billion he takes credit for. Another slight stretch of truth.
Giuliani is also pro choice which goes against all conservative values. He makes a very fancy play with the words to make it appear as though he doesn’t like abortion yet he never does anything to stop it. His record as recent as August 2007 supports this with the following statement.
Ultimate decision by woman, her conscience & her doctor. (Aug 2007)
That is pro choice no matter how you slice it.
Supports domestic partnerships, but not same-sex marriage. (Aug 2007)
This means he supports homosexuality.
Here is a very interesting tid bit about his family values. You might find it a little strange.
Annulled 14-year 1st marriage because wife was 2nd cousin. (Jan 2007)
Gun control is not his strong suit either.
Gun control reduces urban crime; no effect on hunting. (Feb 2007)
He is strong on national security and fiscally responsible. Is he a good choice? From what I’ve seen of him he isn’t the conservative we are all looking for.

Mitt Romney
Mitt is basically a clone of Giuliani except for a few slight differences. Romney has “changed his mind” on the abortion issue. Was this politically convient or was it honestly a change of heart. Personally I believe it was an honest change of heart due to his deep religious convictions.
With the mention of religious convictions I believe the fact he is a Morman will really hurt him despite people saying it won’t. Mormans simply will not play well in the “Bible Belt” and that consists of the entire southern third of this country. The differences between the Morman religion and other Christian religions is far to great to overcome in that part of the country. It’s sad but it’s a real fact of life.
On the plus side, he is fiscally strong and has a lot of experience running not only a state but a company. He and Giuliani both believe in the so called “sanctuary” cities. They would never admit it but it is a fact. He is also strong on national security.
He does believe in the seperation of powers of the different branches of government. He believes we need to get the legislators off the bench as is in evidence by the following statement.
Breach of Constitution for justices to adjust Constitution. (Mar 2007)
Truer words were never spoken. That is one of the most important issues of this election.
He is extremely family oriented and believes the best way to teach kids the true values of life is through a strong family home life. He would be a better pick than Giuliani in my opinion.

Fred Thompson
I believe Fred Thompson is the best conservative for the job. He believes in the seperation of the branches of government and the judicial branch being held in check to keep them from legislating from the bench. He has strong family values.
Fred believes in a strong nationl defense, I honestly cannot find a lot of things wrong with him and feel he is the best man for the job, I do not believe he would ever give in to the democrats. I believe he makes his positions clear and sticks with them.
He is anti abortion
He wants to appoint strict Constitutionalist judges
Scure borders
A strong military presense throughout the world
Closing the borders
Saving social security although not in it’s present form
Cutting taxes on corporations allowing them to invest more money in the job market
Revamping medicare
No gun control
His list could go on for a while but I believe in Fred Thompson and his positions.
His campaign is getting nothing but negative publicity from every media outlet in sight including FOX so he has an uphill struggle.

John McCain
McCain has an excellent record and is a war hero to boot. Unfortunately his illegal alien position is going to do him in. His age isn’t helping him either. Basically, he has no chance.

Duncan Hunter
Duncan Hunter is a fine candidate. He, Fred Thompson, and Tancredo believe in basically the same things. Hunter’s biggest drawback is he is a total John McCainunknown outside of Southern California. I have been accused of not liking Hunter but that is simply not the case. I just do not believe he is electable in any way.

Tom Tancredo
He is also a Thompson clone on issues and suffers the same fate as Hunter. I believe Tancredo is in the race right now to keep everyone focused on the illegal immigration problem as is Hunter. I don’t see him winning anything.

Ron Paul
What can be said about this one. He is a total whack job that is a liberal libertarian running under a republican ticket. The only thing he does for this country is give us a good laugh when he goes off on his rants.

Those are the Republican candidates. Our choices aren’t the best in the world but I belive Thompson is the best man for the job. Now, the problem would be is he electable. I would like to think so but the Clintons have one heck of a powerful machine and it is going to be hard to overcome.

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