Worst President Ever

How in the world do the moderate democrats continue to stand behind this person that calls himself the President of the United States? The first thing he did was run up the highest deficit in the history of this nation under the ruse of “national interest”.

George Bush ran up a deficit of $600 billion during war time. Obama came behind him and ran up a deficit of over $14 trillion in the space of less than 6 months. Yet, the democrats continue to harp on the Bush administration deficit. Have they really taken complete leave of their senses?

Unemployment is at 9.4% and expected to rise to 10% or higher before the economy “turns around”. I was under the Obama impression the $700 billion “stimulus” was supposed to stop unemployment when, in fact, it has raised it and had absolutely no effect on the economy. It was a pork laden bill that was shoved through before anyone could read it. Nobody really knows exactly what is in this package and I doubt anyone ever will. This was simply the first Obama attempt to run up more spending while blaming Bush for the problems caused by Frank and Dodd in the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac fiasco forcing banks to make bad loans.

This whole problem is a democratic problem. The last time the budget was “balanced” Clinton took credit for it when spending was brought under control by a repubican controlled congress. The democrats tend to forget that small part of history because they had no hand in it.

Then we have the Obama apologizing tour. He only weakened America by apologizing for our actions protecting ourselves. Then he went to Egypt to regain his “Muslim roots” and apologize for America again. He told Iran it was fine for them to pursue nuclear “electricity” when he knows they are building a weapon. In the mean time Korea is running wild and he is totally ignoring them while he gets in touch with his “Muslim roots”. He then threw Israel under the bus in the Muslim world. He basically gave the Muslims a free hand to go after Israel. His token “we will stand behind Israel” was just that, empty rhetoric.

Then we have all the corruption within is administration from the Vice President down and, yes, that includes Pelosi. She is out of control and answers to nobody, not even the American people that she happens to work for.

This entire administration no longer answers to the American people. Obama lied his way to the highest office in the land and is now attempting to push through a radical left wing agenda.

This has become the most serious crisis this country has ever faced. Something must be done to stop them. The 2010 election cycle is our best and only bet if we are to retake this country away from the hard liner socialists in control. We are rapidly becoming another USSR and it must be stopped.





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