The Obama destruction of America

As we all know, the Obama administration has been a total disaster. For the first six years he had Harry Reid covering his sorry lack of leadership. Obama has never had a real job that involved real leadership and especially honesty.

He has a very small group of close knit friends that actually do the governing. The only thing Obama has done well is campaign, lie, play golf, and take vacations. It is apparently clear Valerie Jarrett is the star chamber President.

I am a patriot, I fought in Viet Nam in an infantry company for our freedom (despite the propaganda disseminated by the left) and I never thought at age 67 I would be ashamed of the President of the United States. The “man” is a total hypocrite in everything he does. He and the far left lied so many times during this administration causing this great country to hang our head in shame.

The “Affordable Care Act” was sold on lies that are still coming out day by day.

Bengazi was a total lack of leadership that got four men killed then was covered up by blatant lies over and over.

The IRS debacle was purely using a branch of the government as a weapon against Obama’s enemies (yes, he does have an enemies list).

The VA situation has been going on for years and he knew it (as did President Bush) yet nothing was ever done nor will it be.

There is no doubt in my mind Obama is a pure racist despite all attempts to cover it up. All a person has to do is look at his record. In any incident he has taken the side of the black or Mexican. This is a thumb in the eye of all Americans. And Holder, well there is nothing good to say about him. If you think this administration is not racist look at who they turn to when the need to cause trouble, Al Sharpton. Enough said there.

These “protests” running rampant through the country are not protests, they are riots in any way you see them. They enter private businesses and lie on the floor shouting in an effort to disrupt people’s lives. They have no permit to assemble on private property or block roadways. Every time they do these things there should be lines of buses to escort them all to jail. Yes they have the right to assemble but in a proper manner. These “protests” are organized by a group of agitators, nothing more, nothing less.

Where is Obama on this? He calls himself a Constitution professor but he means his Constitution, not the United States Constitution. He understands these trouble makers rights end where others begin but he will not enforce the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit for all Americans, not the select few he has chosen to support.

There are so many moves he has made that will never pass muster it is impossible to even believe.

His goal was to transform America. To what? Russia, China, Middle east, or perhaps Cuba. He is completely out of control and will be much worse for the last two years of his term.

Destroy America, that is his goal!

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