Youth vote

May 17th, 2008

Obama is preying on the total ignorance of the youth voters,

They follow Obama all glassy eyed and swooning like he is the savior. The young voters he is appealing to weren’t even aware of the war when it began or why it began. They don’t know he is a one term senator that has spent the biggest part of his term on the Presidential campaign trail. They only know that he is articulate and can deliver a fine speech.

They don’t know he didn’t vote for the Iraq war because he was not even a United States Senator at the time.

They don’t understand he has been groomed as the “golden boy” to take this country down the path of socialism and a complete two class society. They do not understand he will be all powerful just like FDR and the middle class will completely disappear. It will be the working class and the ruling class. This has been the democrats agenda all along.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the youth vote has been programmed to never be able to understand the socialist society.

If they continue to follow Obama they will see the Great Depression of the 30’s was a walk in the park. That’s exactly what the democrats want. This is their chance to remove the government as a republic and change the Constitution so this country will become the USSR (United States Socialist Republic) with Obama as the Premier much like Kruschev.

The youth doesn’t know what the meaning of “jack boots” is. They think it is a conservative. They are simply too ignorant to understand how the democrats can institute a government to force them to knuckle under to their demands. They don’t know what a total loss of privacy is until they look up and see the SS standing in their doorway.

It’s a sad commentary on the vast majority of today’s youth. I see it as a great argument to raise the voting age back to 21. The drinking age was tried at 18 and found they were not mature enough to handle responsible drinking. What makes anyone believe they are mature enough to handle responsible voting?

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